Bocce comes to Freedom


Madison Sanders/FHS Press

Posters were hung around the school announcing that a bocce team was officially coming to Freedom High School on Oct. 1.

Madison Sanders, Assistant Editorial Editor

On Oct. 1, there were paper signs and posters hung around the halls of the high school announcing that Freedom is officially getting a high school bocce team. Bocce is an athletic game that is played like lawn bowling but on a shorter, smaller area. Bocce ball is also a WPIAL sport sponsored by a division of Special Olympics called Unified Olympics. Regular education students and special education students come together to play on one big sports team, as there are six to eight players on a team. 

The team will be coached and sponsored by Ms. April English, the life skills teacher here at the high school. 

“I have attended bocce matches at other schools and just love seeing how students of all abilities come together, and I just really wanted to bring that feeling to Freedom,” English said.

 Bocce is played at multiple school districts around the county, so Freedom is very excited to join the lists of schools with a Bocce team. Freedom will play other schools in Beaver County, host matches and travel to other schools. 

“I’m very excited for Freedom to join a new sports category we have never been in before,” sophomore Brenna McIlvain said. 

Students are also very excited to make new friends with the students in the life skills class and make a bond with all of them.

 “I have already been a part of the lunch bunch that happens on Fridays, the kids are such sweethearts and so fun to be around, but I am so excited to be a part of a sports team with them and make memories,” McIlvain said. 

The team is going to be open to any and all students of the high school so that the special education kids can learn what it is like to be a part of a high school sport because they do not get that chance everyday, unlike other high school students. Sponsor English is also very excited to see the entire school come together to cheer on the students of the bocce team.

 “The entire school can be involved by supporting our team and packing the gym for the matches. Supporting the team makes the players feel valued, no matter the sport, and what a wonderful feeling that is!” English said.

The full details are not set yet on how exactly the team will work out, but practices are set to start towards the end of November with matches to start in January. So, bocce will be considered a winter sport for the school district. Most practices and matches will be held after the school day. If you are interested, more information is set to be out soon about joining the team.