District celebrates homecoming with annual festivities


Brigette Richard, Asst. News Editor

This year’s Homecoming festivities were held a little differently than years in the past. On Thursday, Oct. 6, there was a parade held in downtown Freedom, celebrating this year’s Homecoming court. The parade line-up consisted of the Big Red Marching Band, the court and different emergency service vehicles. This year’s court couples consisted of Jacob Aland and Katrina Adams, Carter Altvatter and Brandi Bonzo, Nathan DiNardo and Megan Evans, Colin Fricke and Grace Lane, Damian Grunnagle and Julia Morhbacher, Trenton McCray and Erica Rosa, Nicholas Paganini and Journey Welling, Matthew Schultheis and Julia Young, Luke Snavely and Leyasa Young and Austin Tokar and Paige Young. The court was also accompanied by 2021’s king and queen Kinsley Aswani and Jessica Majors, and the little prince and princess for this year’s ceremony, Colt Coennen and Alaina Harley. Following the parade, the community was invited back to the school’s campus for its annual bonfire.

Students were able to vote for who was put on court, via Google Form sent out by Principal Steven Mott. Each year, ten senior girls and boys are voted onto the court, where eventually out of those ten each, students can vote on who becomes king and queen.

During the school day on Fri., Oct. 7, the high school came together in a pep rally honoring this year’s court. They started off by announcing each member, and then they performed a dance that the court does annually, featuring a mashup of different popular songs.

The Homecoming ceremony was also held on Oct. 7, where they crowned the Homecoming king and queen. This year’s king and queen were voted to be Adams and Grunnagle, and they were celebrated during the night’s football game. Following the football game, there was a firework display that students that the staff and the community were able to enjoy. The fireworks display is an annual event that the community can all enjoy together in support of the homecoming king and queen. 

Adams is involved in a variety of different activities within the district. She currently serves as vice president of the senior class, president of Freedom Fortune 500 and is also co-captain of the drill team.

Along with Adams, Grunnagle is also well known within the community. He is currently a two time captain of the varsity football team, serving now as a starting running back.

The next activity that students are able to enjoy is the annual Homecoming dance. The dance this year was held in the high school cafeteria and outside of the cafeteria from 6:00-10:00 PM. Outside of the cafeteria, there were various outside games to play throughout the night. 

“Being on court was an honor itself, but being crowned queen was even more special. I did not go to the ceremony expecting to win and am thankful to those who did vote for me,” Adams said.

Homecoming festivities have been a large part of the district and community for years, and will continue for years to come.