New murals bring color to classrooms


Madison Sanders, News Editor

After coming back from winter break, art students finished their paint-by-numbers mural in the art room. They started the mural in early 2020 but had no idea what was coming with the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of how long students were out, all of the paint that they had set aside had dried out and they were unable to use it once they were able to come back. After a while, Art Teacher Ms. Kaylee Haggerty decided to finally remix the 20-plus colors, so they were able to complete it.

The mural started out with a sketch and then a computer mockup. After that, Haggerty gridded the small image and transferred it onto the large wall, freehand. She then outlined everything in a paint pen and created a number key and numbered all of it, just like a small paint-by-number one may have at home. After that, she and the students started to fill it in with acrylic paint in any free time that they had, and it slowly came to life.

“I think it will be a fun project to have the art club and some classes take on while adding some large, semi-permanent artwork that the students design,” Haggerty said. 

After completing this project, Mr. Aaron Fitzpatrick reached out to Haggerty about a mural for the Bulldog Beat studio. In the studio, there a large amount of white space on the walls. Fitzpatrick had reached out to the Art Club about wanting to add a mural to the wall. Even though they were just approached about it and depending on what design they choose, the club hopes to have the mural done before the summer break. 

So far, the art club has started preliminary sketches. Since this project is open to the whole art club to design, there are many minds coming together, which is a delicate process.  They are currently reviewing sketches that students have come up with and deciding what they like about them, and then redesigning. After they all agree on the sketch, they will present it to Fitzpatrick for review, take comments and make any changes that they think are necessary. After that, they will most likely project it onto the wall, trace it with a pencil and start to paint.  

“It’s going to be a big project, but I am prepared for it. I love art so despite the size of the task, I think it will be fun. For me, the feeling of finishing it will be the best part. Hopefully, we can work well together and get it done. I am looking forward to seeing the final product,” senior Ian Evans said. 

Be sure to check out the new paint-by-numbers mural in the art room, and then check out the new Bulldog Beat mural in the studio later on in the year.