News In Brief

Madison Sanders and Brigette Richard

Middle School Faces Bullying Problems

Challenges with peer to peer interaction for students. Issues with peer to staff. Throughout the last few years, the middle school has had continued disciplinary issues. Issues even included staff to staff. “Make kindness the normal” Dr. Smith said. “Kindness becomes a part of your everyday life,” Sara Miller said.


PAWS program revamp 

The elementary school and middle school have both revamped the meaning of the PAWS programs. The S at the end of the word now stands for “Spread Kindness”


2022 Homecoming Court Announced 

This year’s homecoming court was announced Tuesday Sept. 20 and is full of 20 seniors. This years court includes ladies Katrina Adams, Brandi Bonzo, Megan Evans, Grace Lane, Julia Mohrbacher, Erica Rosa, Journey Welling, Julia Young, Leyasa Young and Paige Young. They will be accompanied by Jacob Aland, Carter Altvatter, Nate DiNardo, Colin Fricke, Damian Grunnagle, Trent McCray, Nick Paganini, Matthew Schultheis, Luke Snavely and Austin Tokar.