Spooky season is just a tradition


Pumpkins are a big part of spooky season since people use them as decorations and like to carve them as well.

Paige Young, News Editor

When fall rolls around many people look forward to all of the festivities that take place, including things such as pumpkin carving, haunted houses and halloween costumes. People get excited for the smallest things too, like  pumpkin spice drinks, fragrances and the weather cooling down. The fall and Halloween season is something that many people look forward to. Some people will go all out, while others might just do the bare minimum to celebrate the season because Spooky Season is overrated. 

Some believe that the fall season holds lots of traditions that bring back happy memories for people. Most children participate in trick or treating while growing up. They get excited to go from door to door to collect candy and dress up as something else for one night. A lot of people like to carve pumpkins, whether it is a face or a cool design, it’s something people look forward to doing every year. A lot of things people tend to do in the fall are things that are yearly traditions. For some reason people never get bored of these traditions either. 

Halloween is a way for the candy companies to make extra money off of their customers. Most people will buy larger amounts of candy during the halloween season whether it’s for a party or trick-or-treaters. Once fall hits, everyone is excited to go out and get their pumpkin spice flavored drinks too. Regardless if someone is a Dunkin’ or Starbucks drinker there are approximately 424 million pumpkin spice drinks sold a year. 

The fall season also brings back the ending of daylight savings time. As we get further into fall it starts to get darker earlier each night. It’s satisfying to have a few hours of daylight in the evening hours, but it doesn’t stay with the fall season. Spooky Season also brings things such as colds and sickness. When the weather starts to cool off from summer, people begin to get coughs, runny noses, the sniffles, etc. 

Halloween costumes are also not cheap either. Many people will go out and spend anywhere from twenty dollars to fifty dollars on a costume they will only wear one night.Even children who are trick-or-treating might not even be able to fully show off their costumes because of the weather. Most trick-or-treaters will be wearing jackets and coats over their costumes, if they live in states that tend to be cooler.

 Trick-or-treating is also supposed to be something fun for kids to do. In the past there have been reports of razor blades being put into candy that is given out to the trick-or-treaters, as well as other unwanted substances. This can be a worry for parents that a night that is supposed to be a fun experience for their child might turn out to be more dangerous than they thought.  

The Spooky Season is something many  seem to look forward to because it holds many traditions.  However, it is not as exciting as everyone makes it out to be.