Too Dependo on Techno

Current generations rely heavily on technology


Hallie Spielman

Although technology has become more advanced throughout history, new technology mimics older technology.

Hallie Spielman, Editorial Editor

Phones replaced telegrams. Computers replaced typewriters. Engines replaced horses. Historically, every single piece of what used to be fascinating technology was eventually replaced with something better.

Everyone’s ancestors at one point used technology that today’s generation would consider to be ancient. Nowadays, everyone depends on technology for homework help, entertainment and communication. The question is: do we depend too heavily on technology?

Recently Gerald Cotton, who was the only person who had access to the Bitcoin wallets, past away; his death means that millions of dollars were lost.

The password in place for the Bitcoin wallets was randomly generated by a computer. Since the password is a random combination of letters and numbers, finding the correct password might be impossible.

Looking into the past, if an issue similar to this were to happen, the password would have been known by more than just one person. Without today’s technology, robbery was more common because it was easier to find a way to get inside a safe or account.

There was once a time when being able to write was considered to be a special skill; now nearly everyone has access to the programs where they can type. In school, teachers tend to use school laptops for work instead of using paper.

Take a look at another piece of technology that is considered to be essential: alarm clocks.

Without an alarm clock, students would be late to school and adults would be late to work. The original alarm clock was the sun or a rooster. For the most part, alarm clocks have been abandoned for setting alarms on smartphones.  

A major piece of technological advance was the invention of an engine powered car. The car’s predecessor, the horse-drawn carriage, was the common way to travel and was how anyone would travel before trains, planes, boats, etc.   

In daily life, technology has become a crutch to make life less complicated. Life is supposed to have complications; yet, with technology, some complications are eliminated. Technology has gotten rid of the struggle to trust and rely on the fellow man.

There was once a time when going to malls was how people would socialize and shop for what they needed. Now malls are often near empty and the popular way to shop is online. Before malls and clothing companies were created, clothes were handmade by family members. Hand-me-downs were common, especially since at one point the average number of children per household was seven to eight.

The people of the past lived centuries without depending on technology for every part of daily life. Out of the billions of people living amongst each other, people still live healthy, long lives that way. Take a chance and depend a little less on technology. It just might lead to a new hobby or interest.