23 and me

Print Media Editor-in-Chief reflects on time spent in class


The 2018-2019 Print Media staff poses for a funny photo during their annual trip Escape Room trip before heading over to eat dinner.

Claudia Huggins, Editor-In-Chief (Print)

It always seems to amaze me how quickly change occurs, or at least how quickly it seems. It seems like just yesterday I was walking into the Print Media room for the first time, yet on May 31, I will walk into it for the last time, at least as a staff member of the newspaper and yearbook. It also seems like just a few moments ago I was asking Rachel DeCesaris, who quickly became one of my best friends, how to properly write an article. However, that was close to three years ago, not a few moments. Over the years, these moments have meant more to me than anything ever has, and I’m not sure I could ever properly do them justice; nevertheless, I’m going to try.

Through my years here, I’ve learned more than just the logistics of AP Style or how to navigate InDesign. I’ve learned magic tricks from Sam Covalt, how to make elephant sounds from Casey Collins and how to properly roast someone from Cade Skuse. I’ve also learned the way to someone’s heart from Cole Skuse and how to crack every bone in your body from Madison Snavely.

I’ve learned the art of procrastination, yet dedication at the same time from Jenna Engel, and from my fellow Editor-in-Chief’s Melissa Keith and Jalynn Falk, I’ve learned to laugh even when you don’t want to. Or in Jalynn’s case, maybe just cry.

From Mason Hedge, I’ve learned how to make a beat using about any object in the near vicinity, and from Keith Pawlowski, how to make the appropriate noises for any situation and still get your point across. Madison Lewis has taught me how to get a room pumped up even in the simplest of the moments. I could go on and on, but in essence, every person on the staff will always have a special place in my heart. They all have contributed to the root of my happiness many times, and I am so proud to be among you in Print Media.

When I first met Mr. Fitzpatrick, it was the end of freshman year when I knew I wanted to take Print Media. At first impression, I thought that maybe he didn’t like me. However, I soon came to appreciate the quirkiness of his personality. Although I’ve known from the beginning I could always count on him for a good song recommendation, I soon came to realize I could also trust that I always had support from him. My increasing confidence over the years is greatly attributed to these factors, and I’m not sure I could’ve stayed sane without them.

Over the years, I’ve never felt a strong attachment to high school itself. In fact, at this exact moment last year, I was wishing it was me graduating. However, leaving this class was something I never imagined would be this hard. Knowing this is my last article as the Editor-in-Chief is even harder. As Winnie the Pooh once said, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

This class has given me more than just an annoyance for grammar mistakes and a keen eye for editing papers; it’s given me everlasting memories, friendships I’ll never forget and most importantly, a second home in room 226. A room where crying for no reason, lots of dancing, roast sessions and uncontrollable laughter is all acceptable no matter the situation. It always has been and always will be a place to go when life gets crazy. A place to go when you need  something to smile about.

As I leave the FHS Press and Shawnee Yearbook staff, I wish nothing but awards, sleep-filled nights and countless pizzas for incoming staff members and those continuing on. Last, but certainly not least, I thank every single person I’ve been able to have by my side through this amazing journey. To the staff, Mr. Fitzpatrick, and the readers, thank you.