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Above and beyond: Leaping up, senior Logan Bickerstaff grabs the ball during the team’s home game against Riverside on Jan 12. The team showcased their new skill sets as they fought to gain control of the match.

Boys basketball team returns with new mentality

Logan Larrick, Editor-in-Chief (Digital) January 31, 2024

The start of the boys basketball season has been met with tough competition. With rivals as determined as they are to win, holding them off has been a difficulty for the team. Despite the occasional close...

Dominating the court: During their matchup against the Rochester Rams, sophomore Mackenzie Mohrbacher defends her side of the court. The teams were neck and neck throughout the entire game, the Bulldogs never backed down.

Girls Basketball fights through rest of season

Jenna Haskey, Distribution Director January 31, 2024

As the Bulldogs approach the second half of their season, they are looking to get a playoff spot. With a 5-8 record so far, they still believe it is achievable. The team beat the South Side Rams, Shenango...

On a roll: Kneeling down, senior Steffan Paganie prepares to roll his bocce ball down the court towards the pallino ball, which is the target. Freedom showed their school spirit as they cheered each other on during their turns.

How they roll

Addison Freeman, Copy Editor January 31, 2024

The new year invites new resolutions, goals and ambitions. As winter sports continue, players strive to move further with their team. With the new bocce season in play, Freedom’s team is expecting to...

Skating into action: carrying the puck, senior Chase Grable works to push the puck up to his offense, for the chance to score against Wilmington on Nov.11. In hockey the team has to have good communication to give them the best chance at winning.

Hockey team prepares for playoffs, allstar game

Colton Blank, Assistant Sports Editor January 31, 2024

As the new year begins, the Central Valley (CV) hockey team nears the closing of their season with only a few more games remaining. CV Hockey works to continue winning their games and hopefully make it...

Top Technique: Posing, senior Daisy Lewis is competing in her beam routine on Jan. 5 at Monaca Turners. Lewis had one of the top scores on the beam.

Flipping into another season

Colton Blank, Assistant Sports Editor January 31, 2024

At Freedom, students have the opportunity to represent their school as an independent athlete for sports the school does not offer, one of those sports being gymnastics. Senior Daisy Lewis has been representing...

For the win: with his victory hand in the air, senior Ryan Kredel wins his match against a SouthSide BeaverOpponent. The team had an overall victory against SouthSide Beaver.

Hustle with muscle

Caden Beringer, Assistant Features Editor January 31, 2024

As the wrestling team faces off against more and more schools, their competition begins to increase. With one month of wrestling down and the approach of the second month of the season, the team works...

Girl Power: Standing in unison, the girls soccer team stares at the flag as the national anthem is played. The team saw extreme success this season, helping to put more awareness on girls sports.

Women’s sports becoming more popular

Aiden Pournaras, Assistant Editorial Editor January 31, 2024

For the past couple of years, women’s sports have seen a large incline in popularity. Many sports have begun to initiate and develop professional, amateur, collegiate and even youth leagues for women....

Looking to the future: Preparing for their game, junior Hailey Stinar rolls for her team during practice on Dec. 12. The eight members of the team split into two teams during practice so that they can simulate games.

Bocce team rolls into new season

Lainey Tuszynski, Social Media Director December 21, 2023

As a bitter chill moves in and replaces the falling leaves of autumn, a new season of sports start back up for their 2023-2024 season. One sport that is kicking off their season is bocce. Returning this...

Jump shot: In the air, sophomore Garrett Drutarosky aims the ball at the hoop, hoping to make a shot. The game was held on Monday, Dec. 11, where they fell to the Rochester Rams by a score of 58-25.

Boys basketball team stress change of mentality. focus on winning

Brodie Falk, Assistant News Editor December 21, 2023

December marks the start of the winter sports season. Boys basketball is looking to be one of the most exciting sports of the season. Last year, the boy’s basketball team had a record of 1-21, but this...

On the move: After snapping the ball, freshman Rylie Vojtko hands the ball off to other freshman Tessa Wright as she proceeds to run down the field. Handing off the ball to another player gives the offensive team a chance to run the ball down the field and score.

Seniors prevail in annual Powder-Puff tourney

Jenna Haskey, Distribution Director December 21, 2023

Every student in the school counts down the days until the annual Powder-Puff game. Female students get excited to be able to play a friendly game of flag football and make memories with their peers. People...

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