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Rising star: Playing Mr. Wormwood, junior Christopher Denkovich acts out a scene during the musical. Even though it was his first year in the musical, Denkovich was casted in a leading role.

“Swoon over Boone”

Aiden Pournaras, Assistant Editorial Editor May 23, 2024

People often tell themselves “I wish I would’ve started sooner,” or “It’s too late to start now.” The notion of being unable to excel at something just because one may be too old to start is...

Wishful searching: Many people search on the internet to find and possibly recover pieces of lost media that can not be viewed on normal platforms like every-day television or music streaming services. The search can be long and frustrating for the individuals attempting to shine light on this lost media.

Lost and not often found

Addison Freeman, Copy Editor May 23, 2024

Whether one is aware of it or not, they have likely come across the concept of “lost media.” Lost media is any form of media—including films, songs, posts or audio clips—that has become rare or...

Nonsensical Nourishment: As content has evolved on the internet, less and less of it has required intuition to understand. Now, it can feel as if less people understand the content people make than those who do.

Rotten to the core

Logan Larrick, Editor-in-Chief (Digital) May 23, 2024

Since its invention, the internet has had an overwhelming influence on youth culture and trends. While initially humbling, the online world has evolved past emails and fax machines into a new era of online...

Courageous character: Sophomores Dominic Severin (left) and Alexander Micon (right) sit across from each other as they take a vocabulary test in their Honors English 10 course.

Lack of classes causes set-backs for students

Colton Blank, Assistant Sports Editor May 23, 2024

While students go through high school to graduate, they also try to take the opportunity to challenge themselves as well. Whether it is Advanced Placement (AP) classes, College in High School (CHS) classes...

Chromebook connoisseur: For many students, having their Chromebooks open in class is a constant. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the use of Chromebooks has increased dramatically.

We are the ‘COVID generation’

Editorial Board May 23, 2024

  March 13, 2020 was the day that most student's lives changed for the worse. This was the day, four years ago, that the government issued a 10-day lockdown due to the infamous COVID-19. While many...

Adding weight: When students take challenging honors or AP courses, their hard work and efforts weigh more than others. This can cause stress, especially when the students are aiming to get into colleges that seek high GPAs.

Hard work doesn’t pay off

Editorial Board April 30, 2024

Honors courses and more advanced classes have been offered at schools all over the world since the conclusion of World War II. These kinds of classes are popular among students who want an extra challenge...

Homework hurdles:  As more events occur throughout the year, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with assignments. Work begins to pile up and adds to the overall stress students feel.


Logan Larrick, Editor-in-Chief (Digital) April 30, 2024

School, while a place where students grow and prepare themselves for their futures, is also a source of immense stress for students. Whether it is keeping grades up or figuring out their future paths,...

The breakdown: Getting a closer look, a graphic shows the six components that comprise the Neuralink chip. The chip is implanted via a surgical robot instead of a human hand.

The thought that counts

Christopher Denkovich, Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2024

In the modern, digital age, it seems as though everything is just a click away. All it takes is a finger dragging a mouse or a cursor and almost anything is possible. Jobs, school work, gaming and even...

Digitally Dependent: Students rely on technology for almost everything they do in a day. From doing homework to listening to music, it is all done through some sort of electronic device.

Low on battery

Bryson Deal, Copy Editor March 26, 2024

“You’re addicted to your phone.” That’s about the biggest complaint teens nowadays hear. Constantly, elders are hounding our generation for the amount of time we spend behind a screen. They tell...

Fully stocked: Across the nation, high school students are starting to rely on caffine. An illustration represents how students are consuming energy drinks in alarming numbers.

Caffeine craze

Christopher Denkovich, Editor In Chief March 26, 2024

After hours of homework, a student finally wraps up their assignments and calls it a night. As they put away their books and pull back their covers, the alarm goes off. Surely, this cannot be right. They...

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