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All-American Cuisine: A high percentage of food consumed by citizens of the United States contains harmful ingredients, such as chemicals, additives, preservatives and microplastics. These ingredients are detrimental to physical health.

You are what you eat

Addison Freeman, Copy Editor November 29, 2023

It is no secret that the United States (US) is known for its exorbitant rates of obesity and chronic health issues. Most people place blame on the citizens themselves for gluttony and irresponsibility....

Forgotten Festivities: Christmas is often celebrated soon after Halloween. This can cause Halloween along with Thanksgiving to be forgotten or not celebrated in excitement of the festive holiday.

Celebrating holidays early could lead to negative effects

Noah Brandon, Photo Editor November 29, 2023

Despite the excitement and celebration that the holidays offer, there is increasing concern that the Christmas spirit is appearing earlier and earlier every year. There is debate over the practice of celebrating...

Fashion over health

Fashion over health

Editorial Board November 29, 2023

Almost every teenager has been online shopping at least once in their life; shopping on websites like Temu, Shein and most definitely Amazon. As a high schooler, who would not be compelled to do so? It...

Trash to treasure: Senior Zach Wynn saved a painting from his neighbor’s garbage and gave it as a gift to Mr. Langelli. The painting now resides permanently above Mr. Langelli’s Smartboard, visible to all of his students.

Strong bonds build better futures

Christopher Denkovich, Editor In Chief October 31, 2023

Every student has had a class that they absolutely dreaded going to. The only thing they could focus on is the tapping of someone else’s foot and the humming of the lights above that were way too bright...

Spooky characters: Many people enjoy these Halloween movie characters. These characters play a huge role in the development of halloween culture.

Movies influence Halloween culture

Jenna Haskey, Staff Writer October 31, 2023

Spooky season is here and Halloween lovers have started their Halloween movie binge at the very beginning of October. Some scary movies that are a necessity to watch are The Conjuring, Halloween, Scream,...

A sharp taste: The packaging of a Laffy Taffy is torn back revealing a razor blade; meant to symbolize how the dangers that come with Halloween could be so easily concealed.

More Tricks than Treats

Bryson Deal, Copy Editor October 31, 2023

Fall is officially here, and with fall comes Halloween. Dressing up in costumes, going to haunted houses,  trick-or-treating and even getting hit by drunk drivers! The Halloween holiday can be a great...

Sleepy after the socials: After a long night of staying up on social media, sophomore Garrett Drutarosky falls asleep in his PLT while working on schoolwork. Showing the effect that when you stay up on social media throughout the night it can cause someone to fall tired in class.

Social media usage affects student sleep schedules, performance in school

Hannah Shaffer, Editorial Editor October 31, 2023

Phone usage at night is one of the most prominent causes of lack of sleep in high school students, especially the usage of social media. Scrolling on Instagram or TikTok is one of the most soothing things...

Jacking it up: Reselling tickets by a 400 percent markup is making it harder for students and adults to buy tickets to their favorite artist. With artists concerts being in high demand for youth, adults take the chance to buy and resell tickets at crazy prices, making it not affordable for students to buy.

Will ticket reselling destroy concert culture

Editorial Board October 31, 2023

Going to a concert is something everyone should experience before they die. Whether it's your local band or the biggest artist in the world, it's something fun and enjoyable everyone can do. Millions of...

High School girls Alyssa Bearer, Trinity Vojtko, and Rylie Vojtko, dress up to go and watch the Barbie movie on July 23, with their sisters and younger friends. Fans across the country weredressing up in pink to go watch the hit movie intheaters.

More than a Barbie

Hannah Shaffer, Editorial Editor September 29, 2023

Girls all over the world flooded the theaters on July 21, to watch the blockbuster Barbie movie. Not only did this movie represent the life of Barbie, but it also represented girls and how they are so...

As time continues to loop, older generations continue to shame the youth.

Generational Shame

Calla Reynolds, Managing Editor September 29, 2023

 There has been an undeniable yet unrecognized competition between older and younger generations. The rivalry is not anything new; it is an issue that has extended through several centuries. These issues...

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