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Digitally Dependent: Students rely on technology for almost everything they do in a day. From doing homework to listening to music, it is all done through some sort of electronic device.

Low on battery

Bryson Deal, Copy Editor March 26, 2024

“You’re addicted to your phone.” That’s about the biggest complaint teens nowadays hear. Constantly, elders are hounding our generation for the amount of time we spend behind a screen. They tell...

Fully stocked: Across the nation, high school students are starting to rely on caffine. An illustration represents how students are consuming energy drinks in alarming numbers.

Caffeine craze

Christopher Denkovich, Editor In Chief March 26, 2024

After hours of homework, a student finally wraps up their assignments and calls it a night. As they put away their books and pull back their covers, the alarm goes off. Surely, this cannot be right. They...

Burning Anger: While there is a great amount of citizens who participate in peaceful and respectful protests, there is an equal amount of those who participate in protests that are dangerous and destructive. Buildings have been destructed throughout protests, causing harm to many.

Taking it to the extreme

Hannah Shaffer, Editorial Editor March 26, 2024

According to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, citizens are given the right to assemble and protest peacefully. The First Amendment also states that citizens have the right to freedom...

In the Limelight: Professional athletes are placed under a constant spotlight due to the publicity in their careers. Sexual assault cases in athletics are put into the public eye because of athlete’s popularity. For athletes, this fact adds tremendous stress to their daily lives.

Assault in athletics

Colton Blank, Assistant Sports Editor March 26, 2024

Over time, sports have evolved to what they are today. As sports evolve, so do the players, coaches and rules. Over the past decade, the NCAA has produced some of the best athletes in today's world. While...

Safety First: When it comes to safety in a classroom, it is important to always listen to the teacher as they will always know how to keep you safe.

Ensuring safer classrooms

March 26, 2024

Becoming a teacher has both requirements and responsibilities that come with the job title. When the classroom is put in certain situations that can be dangerous to kids, the teacher is called into action...

What is too sick for school?

What is too sick for school?

Editorial Board February 29, 2024

Everyone has told their parents that they are not feeling well in the hopes of skipping a day of school. Whether it is a stomach ache, or a fever, there is always an excuse not to go. Even so, what about...

Pressing on: As the annual Scholastic Journalism Week approaches, the FHS Press strives to continue giving its readers the most factual information they deserve to know.

Student journalists celebrate Scholastic Journalism Week

Joseph Castelli, Sports Editor February 29, 2024

As the annual Scholastic Journalism Week was celebrated this month, it is not just any regular anniversary. Scholastic Journalism Week was celebrated from Feb. 19 to Feb. 23. The Journalism Education Association...

Never alone: Students who struggle from sexual violence and rape are never alone. No matter how hard the feelings are, there is always someone out there who understands what one is going through.

A woman’s fight

Hannah Shaffer, Editorial Editor February 29, 2024

Women all around the world fear for their safety when going into public settings, especially younger girls. From birth to death, girls are constantly at risk of being harassed. Whether that be something...

As winter hits its peak, snow falls and ice begins to form on the roads of Freedom and lots of other streets in the surrounding area. As the school district prepares for the worst, snow covers the side walks and caution on the roads becomes vital.

Driving dangers return

Joseph Castelli, Sports Editor January 31, 2024

During Winter, There is many things to be happy about such as being with family for the Holidays, or playing outside when it snows. However When it comes to Driving to different places, the roads can get...

Shredded democracy: When casting a ballot, the average American’s vote is overshadowed by the electoral college. By prioritizing a point-value system over individual people, America is shredding the true meaning of democracy.

Power was never ‘for the people’

Calla Reynolds, Managing Editor January 31, 2024

The American government is run as a federal democratic republic. Essentially, that is a union of 50 sovereign states that govern themselves with representatives elected by the general public. Supposedly,...

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