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Students prepare for keystones with extra tutoring

Joseph Castelli, Sports Editor November 30, 2023

For the past few months of this school year, there has been remediation classes during PLT. This new class is formatted into the school day so that when students are done with their normal block classes,...

Final Festivities: After the students raced their pumpkin cars and watched the trebuchet launch various items, students posed together for a group picture. The Fall Fest allows the high school Physics Club to get younger students interested in science.

Physics club hosts 10th annual Fall Fest

Madison Meyer, News Editor November 29, 2023

This year's Fall Fest, which is a tradition within the school district, took place throughout the school day on Nov. 2 and 3rd. High school physics club students, and 6th graders at Freedom, look forward...

Meeting to make a difference: Looking at the agenda, members of the Student Government talked to one another during their meeting on Nov. 14. The group discussed the future of the student center.

Student Government back in motion

Bryson Deal, Copy Editor November 29, 2023

In October, four students from each grade level were elected into class office. Students could run for four different positions to be elected. These positions included president, vice president, secretary...

Showing Off: Presenting their model, Senior Logan Larrick presented the teams physical diagram at the regional Powering Pittsburgh competition, where they later won.

Powering Pittsburgh team competed against Western Pennsylvania schools

Colton Blank, Assistant Sports Editor November 29, 2023

This year, students from all over Western Pennsylvania came to compete against each other in a competition called Powering Pittsburgh. Powering Pittsburgh is a competition held every year where students...

Comfortably seated: Looking down at his phone, senior Dakota Gingerella sits comfortably on a bench. Several benches were added to the student center on November 15.

Student government brings back benches to student center

Calla Reynolds, Managing Editor November 29, 2023

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the high school had benches in the student center. The benches were installed to provide students with a clean and comfortable place to sit before school, during lunch...

Pitch Perfect: Joyfully, alumn Dante Colorito sings “Moving Too Fast” from the musical “Last Five Years” on Oct. 14. Colorito played the “Beast” in Freedom’s 2018 “Beauty and the Beast” production.

Freedom Drama weaves nostalgia into musicalitty

Calla Reynolds, Managing Editor October 31, 2023

For the first time in Freedom history, the musical talent within each graduating class was recognized in the auditorium on the evening of Oct. 14. On this evening, Freedom alums from various graduating...

The one and only Young’s Custard stand leaves with a lifetime of memories, with empty benches and boarded up windows are all that remain.

Locals mourn loss of 2 prominent businesses

Joseph Castelli, Sports Editor October 31, 2023

For the past 75 years both Napoli’s Pizza and Young’s Custard Stand have served loyal customers to the best of their ability. Ever since their closing, disappointment has spread across Beaver County....

Dancing the night away: At the annual 2023 Homecoming dance, sophomore Elizabeth Smith dances with vigor among her peers. The dance, held in the gym on Sept. 30, features a wide variety of songs to dance to.

District community celebrates homecoming

Addison Freeman, Copy Editor October 31, 2023

Many schools, including Freedom, celebrate Homecoming; a jubilation of the school year and the surrounding community. Homecoming usually consists of a football game, dance, parade and other festivities....

Wrapping it up: As the construction on the roof reaches closer and closer to competition, the materials were moved to save space, leaving all except a few spots closest to the building available for parking.

Construction project to reach conclusion

Logan Larrick, Editor In Chief (Digital) October 31, 2023

Out of all the topics affecting students this year, the construction on the high school roof is one that many talked about. Whether it is the smell that emanates from the work, or the effects the tasks...

Heading home: At 2:40 p.m., the last bell rings and high school and middle school students fill the halls heading to their buses and cars. ABC buses line the road in between the schools ready to transport their students.

Heading a new direction

Lainey Tuszynski, Social Media Editor September 29, 2023

As the green leaves of summer begin to fade to the falling leaves of autumn, the streets  go from kids riding bikes to being filled with yellow buses and kids waiting at bus stops. With a new school...

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