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Biden’s tuition forgiveness

Biden’s tuition forgiveness

Janey Parks, Photo Editor September 30, 2022

Many people in America are burdened with the knowledge of others' student debt as well as their own. Around 60.5% of all graduate school completers have federal student loan debt from graduate schools...

Big Knob Fair Returns for 80th Annual Fair

Big Knob Fair Returns for 80th Annual Fair

Paige Young, Editorial Editor September 30, 2022

Every year at the beginning of the school year, students look forward to The Big Knob Fair, which has been a popular event for 80 years. Students and community members look forward to this week when returning...

Community upset over livestream stoppage

Community upset over livestream stoppage

Madison Sanders, News Editor September 30, 2022

Over the summer, the school board posted on the district’s Facebook and Instagram pages announcing that they would not be livestreaming their monthly meetings on YouTube anymore. As soon as this information...

News In Brief

Madison Sanders and Brigette Richard September 30, 2022

Middle School Faces Bullying Problems Challenges with peer to peer interaction for students. Issues with peer to staff. Throughout the last few years, the middle school has had continued disciplinary...

Sophomore Logan Larrick points to the graphs he completed on his paper airplane experiments for his long-term.

High school holds sixth annual science conference

Brigette Richard, Business Manager May 24, 2022

On May 13, Physics teacher Dr. Brian Wargo, along with sixth grade science teacher Ms. Jeanine Ging, held the sixth annual science conference for students in Physics I through III, alumni within science...

The defamation trial between the two well-known actors, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, continues.

Celebrities Amber Heard, Johnny Depp face controversy

Ana Shipman and Janey Parks May 24, 2022

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the once-famous couple, have recently gone to court against each other for defamation of character after Heard accused Depp of domestic abuse.  Heard is no stranger to...

Ms. Emily Rickard’s band students sit on stage during their spring concert on May 4. The flutes rest while the saxophones play along to the melody.

Spring melodies

Paige Young, News Editor May 24, 2022

As spring is in the air, so are people’s spirits. On Wednesday, May 4, at 7 p.m., Ms. Jennifer Newman’s chorus students performed their spring concert, along with Ms. Emily Rickard’s jazz and concert...

Doug Ducey, Arizona’s governor, was elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018.

Arizona governor limits abortion, transgender rights

Ana Shipman, Editorial Editor May 2, 2022

While pursuing the conservative agenda, Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, signed multiple bills that may put a wrench in rights that many have been fighting for. Happening on March 30, people may suspect a...

Gas and food shortages across America have affected many. Prices are skyrocketing, and some Americans struggle to find gas stations that won’t break the bank.

Skyrocketing gas prices, food shortages strike America

Janey Parks, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

In recent months, it has become very apparent that there was a significant jump in gas prices. Gas prices and food scarcity are hitting record highs almost daily. Seeing that your tank needs filled causes...

Collective punishment can add stress to students and further isolates peers. More often than not, collective punishment creates issues as opposed to solving them.

Eye for an eye

Christopher Denkovich, Asst. News Editor May 2, 2022

The day-to-day life of the high school consists of many aspects and a copious number of different cliques. A daily occurrence in schools across the country is consistent rule-breaking, which is swiftly...

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