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Power-hungry people will do anything to get on top of the chain of command, including hurting others.

Abusing power leads to harmful selfishness

Madison Sanders, Asst. Editorial Editor May 24, 2022

For as long as humans have been around, there have always been people that have been considered “power-hungry.” Power-hungry people are people that will do anything to have power in their hands. People...

Sophomore Logan Larrick points to the graphs he completed on his paper airplane experiments for his long-term.

High school holds sixth annual science conference

Brigette Richard, Business Manager May 24, 2022

On May 13, Physics teacher Dr. Brian Wargo, along with sixth grade science teacher Ms. Jeanine Ging, held the sixth annual science conference for students in Physics I through III, alumni within science...

Students who dont stimulate their brains over the summer can fall behind their peers that do. On the contrary, students who feel like they are behind their peers can use this as an opportunity to catch up.

Summer activities make return to school easier

Christopher Denkovich, Asst. News Editor May 24, 2022

As soon as the school year starts, students rush to their calendars to look for days off, and they start counting down the days until summer. Many students wait to do nothing more than relax on warm, sunny,...

Mini golf is a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime. It is a game that many feel is super fun to play and may be right down the road.

The tee-rific game of miniature golf

Skylar Scobbo, Asst. Features Editor May 24, 2022

Miniature golf is a game that friends play on a nice summer day. Miniature golf has multiple names such as mini golf, mini putt, goofy golf, crazy golf or putt-putt. Some places have a bonus hole at the...

Many teens get starting jobs at restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. to earn extra money in the summer.

Job for the summer

Leannah Messenger, Managing Editor May 24, 2022

School is out, and every day is full of freedom to do whatever you want. Well, not exactly. You need money to go out with your friends, or a car to get a ride out. But cars cost money, gas costs money,...

Freshman Jordan Delon [left] and sophomore Jaden Winterhalter [right] round the final stretch as they run the 800 meter.

Track season finishing up for team events, others advance individually

Troy Pawlowski, Sports Editor May 24, 2022

After a long spring season full of eventful meets, the track and field season is finally coming to a close. May is the last month that the team has meets for the year. With the regular season finished...

The 2021-2022 Print Media Workshop class poses for a lighthearted photo on Dec. 16, 2021.

Editor-in-Chief gives final farewell

Sarah Levenson, Editor-in-Chief May 24, 2022

A time I never expected would come is actually here; this is my final article for the “FHS Press,” and my final farewell to Freedom and Print Media Workshop (PMW). If there is one class at Freedom...

Carter Slowinski throws out a pitch against the Mohawk Warriors on April 26.

Baseball team pushes through challenging season

Alexa Davis, Features Editor May 24, 2022

As Freedom’s baseball season progresses, the team just cannot seem to find their groove. The boys currently have a record of 1-12 and have finally achieved a win this season. On April 25, the Bulldogs...

Spring cleaning is when people thoroughly clean in the springtime. In many cultures, annual cleaning occurs at the end of the year, which may be in spring or winter, depending on the calendar.

Cleaning up

Janey Parks, Staff Writer May 24, 2022

In everyday life, people are surrounded by mess and clutter. There is a popular time during the year when people decide to clean all of the things that they have been avoiding. Spring cleaning allows people...

The morality of tourism has been a popular debate since traveling grew more popular, but there are always ways to become a more respectful tourist.

Taking on tourism

Kaylee Ostrowski, Staff Writer May 24, 2022

Imagine relaxing on a sunny, tropical beach, admiring the architecture in a foreign city or enjoying ethnic foods with flavors you’ve never experienced before. Traveling allows for one to break away...

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