Editor-in-Chief gives final farewell


Photo Submitted

The 2021-2022 Print Media Workshop class poses for a lighthearted photo on Dec. 16, 2021.

A time I never expected would come is actually here; this is my final article for the “FHS Press,” and my final farewell to Freedom and Print Media Workshop (PMW). If there is one class at Freedom that I would recommend taking, it would be PMW. Each day of class brings something unexpected and exciting. Whether it is budgeting articles for the next month’s newspaper, making memes for yearbook marketing or playing music trivia and scattergories, there has never been a dull moment in Print Media. 

My past three years in this class have definitely changed me as a person and student. 

As a sophomore, I started out as Features Editor for the newspaper. Every staff member during the 2019-2020 school year was unbelievably helpful and welcoming to me. Then, I became Editor-in-Chief of the fhs-press.com and Managing Editor my junior year, where I saw myself take on more responsibilities and find my voice as a leader. Now, as a senior, I have the privilege of being Editor-in-Chief of this award-winning publication. 

Through the time I have spent working on both the newspaper and the yearbook, my friendships have grown and flourished. There is much I am forever grateful to Print Media for, but most especially, for prompting some of my most cherished relationships from my time at Freedom. 

This 2021-2022 school year, the PMW staff consists of 15 members besides myself, and I can honestly say that each and every member has brought something special to both Print Media and to my life. 

Foremost, I would like to thank my golden Managing Editor Leannah Messenger. She has been a tremendous help to me, keeping the staff on track with deadlines and assisting me with putting together the newspaper layout. I also adore how she helps get everyone’s attention for me during staff meetings. Without her, producing the newspaper would have been tough, and us growing to be good friends this year has been the cherry on top of this experience for me. 

Next, I want to thank Luke Snavely. Having him on our newspaper leadership team as fhs-press.com Editor-in-Chief has been a joy, even when he abandoned us to work on the yearbook. His “Sports Shorts” sections are also always very insightful and well-written, and class edit would not be the same without his long list of fixes. 

Additionally, I would like to share my appreciation for all of our amazing staff editors and writers this year. To Paige Young, Christopher Denkovich, Alexa Davis, Skylar Scobbo, Ana Shipman, Madison Sanders, Troy Pawlowski, Mikalah Smith, Megan Evans, Kaylee Ostrowski, Brigette Richard, Janey Parks and my fellow senior Jessica Majors, thank you for pouring your hearts into everything you have worked on for the newspaper, and for all of the great memories and fun times I have shared with each of you in Print Media. 

Last, I would like to recognize my advisor Mr. Aaron Fitzpatrick for everything he has done to help me find my place in Print Media and Freedom. For me, he has been much more than just an average teacher. While he has taught me valuable information like writing in AP Style, using InDesign and conducting interviews, what I will take away most from my time with him as my teacher is how considerate and caring he is. He never hesitated to help me out with my work or just talk about some random topic like music, traveling or our mutual disdain for my brother. Fitzpatrick treats all of his students like friends, and Print Media would not be the tight-knit family it is without him. 

Finally, to our readers, thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the wonderful work the staff puts into this newspaper each month of the school year. Without you, Freedom students, staff and community members, we would be unable to share important news regarding the district. It is only with your support that we have the privilege to speak out about what we deem important and fulfill our mission as student journalists. Readers, you make the work we do worth something, and for that, the entire staff is grateful. 

Ultimately, my journey through the newspaper world has been long-running. From publishing my first issue of “The Scoop” for my grandfather when I was nine, to publishing this last May issue of the “FHS Press,” I have learned so much more about myself and the value of producing newspapers. These past three years in PMW have brought me memories and knowledge that I will remember most as I move on to college and whatever else lies ahead. I am honored to have served as Editor-in-Chief of the “FHS Press,” and I look forward to seeing how it thrives throughout the years to come.