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Emptied Out: In the parking lot, customers park near the back entrance of the Beaver Valley Mall. The back entrance of the mall is home to few remaining businesses, including the El Paso Mexican restaurant.

Beaver Valley Mall endures financial downfall

Caden Beringer, Assistant Features Editor March 26, 2024

Originally, the land that the Beaver Valley Mall is located on had been owned by Pettibon Racoon Golf Course, until it was sold to build the mall. The Beaver Valley Mall had always been a huge attraction...

Perfect presidency: Giving her speech, senior Emma Falk updates the National Honor Society members on the current news about the school. As the president, Falk must put together an agenda for each meeting and keep everyone on task.

Women making an impact

Jenna Haskey, Distribution Director March 26, 2024

Starting with little to no recognition, women around the world had to fight for equality. 1978 marked the first celebration of Women’s History Week, which started in the small town of Santa Rosa, California....

Future Focus: Sitting in his chair, senior Chase Grable takes notes. Sometimes Ms. Keith needs a bigger space to do interactive activities, so her class will use the library.

Personal Finance class helps students learn crucial skills

Madison Meyer, News Editor March 26, 2024

Starting this year, the district introduced a number of new classes for students to put on their schedule. One of these classes includes personal finance, a class that seniors are now required to take....

Monthly messages: On the wall by the main stairwell, the Youth Ambassadors Program creates a positive monthly message wall for students to write down their responses to different prompts. Sophomore Elizabeth Smith was one of the many students who wrote down what or who they loved in their lives this month.

Helping hands

Lainey Tuszynski, Social Media Director February 29, 2024

Around every corner in a small town, there are familiar faces. Most residents know each other and are able to recognize each other in grocery stores, on streets and during activities within the district....

Heart in history: Black History Month is a time of year that acknowledges the contributions people of color made in history. Every person plays an important factor in making history what it is, but it is necessary to dedicate a month to honoring those who went unacknowledged for centuries.

Lack of Black History Month celebration

Noah Brandon, Photo Editor February 29, 2024

In the United States, February is recognized as Black History Month; a time to celebrate the accomplishments and historical contributions of African Americans. Concern over the lack of a national Black...

Giddy gals: At a Galentine’s Day party, senior Madison Meyer (right) posed with her friends for a picture. At this party, they played games and celebrated their friendship.

Galentine’s Day on the rise

Jenna Haskey, Distribution Director February 29, 2024

Valentine’s Day is a very popular holiday that celebrates love and affection. People often feel left out during Valentine’s Day because they do not have a significant other, but everyone has someone...

Life choices: When it comes to substance abuse, there is a very heavy choice to make. Say “yes” to life or say
“yes” to drugs; its all about what you decide.

Illicit substances create detrimental effects on teenagers

Hannah Shaffer, Editorial Editor January 31, 2024

In a study that was done in 2022 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), it was suggested that 59.8% of teenagers use substances that could harm their bodies and minds....

Working diligently: Typing on his Chromebook, Mr. Justin Turpin works on assignments given to him as assistant
principal. On top of digital work, the assistant principal helps out with various tasks throughout the school.

Turpin completes first semester as Assistant Principal

Bryson Deal, Copy Editor January 31, 2024

Many changes occurred in the district during the summer and leading up to the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. One of these changes was the hiring of Mr. Justin Turpin. Turpin applied and was hired...

Helping hand: Life’s unpredictability means anything can go wrong at any time. Sometimes, all someone needs to get out of these situations is a helping hand.

Local dog rescue helps pet owners through hard times

Logan Larrick, Editor-in-Chief (Digital) December 21, 2023

For dog owners, their dog is more than just a pet. A dog may be their friend, joy and life. Some people would argue that they would not be the person they are today without their dog. However, hardships...

The numbers: The chart contains the percentages of students who currently hold part-time jobs and those who do not. Of the 30 sophmores who completed the survey, 56.7% of the them are employed, while 43.3% are currently unemployed

Part-time student, part-time worker

Joseph Castelli, Sports Editor December 21, 2023

Many students throughout high school make the decision to get a part time job, giving them an early opportunity to earn money. Earning money while still in school can give students an advantage, not only...

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