A needed reality check?

Do stereotypes about your generation make you automatically subject to those generalizations?


Staff Editorial

As society changes, people change with it. As the generations go by, the people within those generations often get a stereotype. The teenagers within that generation tend to receive the brunt of it. This time, millennials are told that they are entitled to everything. They think everything should just be handed to them. However, is this actually true?
“Back in my day” is the most common saying used when younger people are told just how wonderful they have it. Do younger people really have it easier?
As the times change, we become more advanced, we grow and learn how to better our lives and society. Does this make us “lazy”? Does this make us entitled because everything is always right there in front of us? Is it the fact that life gets easier? Does this make each generation worse because everything is at everyone’s fingertips?
This makes the dynamic change. The younger you are, the more proficient you get with technology, giving kids the upper hand when it comes to this type of knowledge.They see that instantaneous results and accessibility is right in front of them. Does this make them feel that they should no longer earn anything and they should just deserve it?
The question then becomes, why is each generation stereotyped? Why is it that the older generation degrades the younger generation? Yet, when they were a teenager, they had a stereotype about them and were in the same exact place for being “a part of that generation.”
For example, the generations before us were also different and changing society as they grew up. They were told they are negative people and they could never look at the positive side or the baby boomer generation isn’t keeping up with technology and they are too “old school”. No matter which generation, there is always a stereotype that goes along with it. Should it just be accepted?
Because people are constantly told that’s their stereotype, it’s easy to fall into that stereotype given. We simply “join the crowd.” Even knowing this information, we look at everyone through that same stereotype, that teenagers are entitled to everything. The only reason “all kids” seem to fit this stereotype isn’t because it’s true, but with this new technology and society being so invasive, it seems that way.
With social media and the fact that people are so involved with each other, we seem to think there are way more people who fit a certain stereotype than there actually are. We see one person doing one bad thing and then every person of that age gets that same stereotype. Instead of trying to change that, we just accept the stereotype and move on with our lives.
Can we change that? Can we make “stereotype” positive word? Can we be the generation who changes the stereotype given? Can we make our stereotype for this generation good? Sometimes, change can be a great thing. Instead of shying away from reality and the truth of the situation, we should be leaders and make the change ourselves.
A change needs to happen in order to better not only society, but the future generations to come. We need to be the leaders who change something that’s been around for decades Make this time count and change the way this generation is viewed.