Easter plans canceled due to pandemic


Ivan Radic/flickr

On April 4, many people across the world spent their second Easter at home due to COVID-19.

Mikalah Smith, Staff Writer

Many think of Easter as family gatherings and egg hunts. This year, Easter looked a little different while social distancing due to COVID-19. 

As kids and teens woke up Easter morning running and searching for their baskets, they found that they were still filled with candy and sweets. Later in the day, many met up with friends and family. Typically people used to gather in large groups, but this holiday was different. With masks on and sanitizing, people still put on Easter egg hunts for their kids. Safety rules were followed and many did pre-wrapped candy and presents. Many used to meet with their entire families, even if it meant traveling out of state to see them. This year, most people spent it with only their close family. 

“My mom usually always cooks a big dinner for every holiday but we wanted to try something different this year, so we went out to eat instead and followed the COVID-19 guidelines in the restaurant,” junior Skylar DeThomas said.

Although in a restaurant, many rules were followed to keep safe. Others remained at home and made dinner for their own family. Common Easter activities included scavenger hunts, dying eggs and egg hunts with family. 

“This Easter I just had dinner at my house. It was different because I usually have dinner with my whole family at my grandma’s but this year it was just my household family,” sophomore Annaray Hatt said. 

Some more fun games to do are finding Easter baskets, jelly bean guessing games, crafts and more. Some fun activities to do without the risk of COVID-19 are Easter trees and making sock bunnies. 

Many people think Easter is about getting chickens for bunnies. Going into it, they think it will be a fun, loveable present, and while it is, it can be a challenge too. Bunnies take a lot of time and care, and would be better for older children. 

According to Kaytee, some rules for rabbits are to keep nails and beaks trimmed. If they grow too long it can cause changes in behavior or health issues. Kaytee also said most parents end up taking care of the animal. Also, once you get the pet, make sure to check you have all the items needed. It’s recommended to spend time with your family on Easter, but don’t forget about your pets. 

While COVID-19 may get in the way of most people’s Easter plans, there is still lots to do. Whether it’s with your friends, family or even a neighbor. Although COVID-19 could have affected your holiday plans, there were still plenty of fun activities to do with your kids and family.