Live Coverage: WPIAL semi-finals and finals @ Chartiers Houston

Devin Daley and Joey Pail

Live coverage of the wrestling team’s pursuit of the WPIAL AA championship title. Their semi final opponent at 12:00 pm will be Derry.

WPIAL Semi-Final: Freedom vs Derry

12:04 pm: Chase Komara will be the first one on the mat for the Bulldogs.

12:11 pm: Chase Komara pins his opponent in the third round of the match giving Freedom the 6-0 lead.

12:12 pm: Austin Alberts gets pinned in the first round tying the team score at 6.

12:14 pm: Brett Johnston gets pinned in the first round of his match giving Derry the 12-6 lead.

12:24 pm: Michael Muron wins his match on points by a score of 5-2 bringing Freedom to within 3 of Derry with the score 12-9.

12:30 pm: Kody Komara wins his match 16-0 giving him the technical pin and giving Freedom the team lead with the score 14-12.

12:39 pm: Levi Bonzo wins his match by a score of 8-2 giving Freedom 3 more points and a 17-12 lead.

12:48 pm: Dean Ward loses his match 10-0 and the 4 points awarded because of the win bring Derry to with in one point as the team score is now 17-16 in Freedom’s favor.

12:57 pm: Bryson Miller wins his match on points 7-2 bringing the team score to 20-16 in Freedom’s favor.

1:05 pm: Randy Simmons gets pinned in a very tight match but because of the pin Derry regains the lead 22-20.

1:08 pm: Nick Wolfe gets pinned as Derry expands their lead to 28-20.

1:09 pm: Evan Sweesy pins his opponent in the first round bring Freedom back within 2 points as the team score is now 26-28 in Derry’s favor.

1:14 pm: ZJ Ward pins his opponent and allows Freedom to regain the lead with the score 32-28.

1:17 pm: Gordon Kalamasz gets pinned. Derry now leads 34-32. Jake Pail has to be bout it here.

1:27 pm: HE’S BOUT IT! Jake Pail wins his match 3-1 and gives Freedom the win by the score of 35-34. Freedom advances to the WPIAL final at 2 pm and will face the winner of South Fayette and Burrell.

Quote from Jake Pail after he clinched Freedom’s spot in the WPIAL final: “I was really emotional during and after the match because I knew how important it was to help our team get to the WPIAL final and face either South Fayette or Burrell.” As always Jake Pail is “Bout it.”

Burrell defeats South Fayette 32-27 and will face Freedom in the WPIAL Championship.

WPIAL Championship: Burrell vs Freedom

2:06 pm: Brett Johnston will be the first Freedom wrestler on the mat for the final.

2:12 pm: Burrell gets the technical pin on Brett and takes a 5-0 lead.

2:15 pm: Michael Muron gets pinned in a tight match but Burrell extends their lead to 12-0.

2:17 pm: Ian Moran gets pinned. The three pins in a row total to a 17-0 lead for Burrell.

2:28 pm: Kody Komara loses his match by a score of 13-7 and Burrell now leads 20-0.

2:32 pm: Levi Bonzo gets pinned by his opponent. Burrell’s lead is now 26-0.

2:41 pm: Dean Ward loses his match 9-1. The score is now Burrell 30 Freedom 0.

2:43 pm: Bryson Miller gets Freedom on the board with a pin to bring the score to 30-6.

2:52 pm: Randy Simmons loses his match by a score of 3-0. Burrell leads Freedom 33-6.

2:54 pm: Nick Wolfe gets pinned by his opponent. Burrell leads 39-6.

3:05 pm: Evan Sweesy loses his match 3-1. Evan Sweesy gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty which loses Freedom a point. The score is now 42-5.

3:14 pm: ZJ Ward wins his match by a score of 9-3. The win brings the score to Burrell 42 Freedom 8.

3:18 pm: Gordon Kalamasz gets pinned and Burrell expands their lead. The score now sits at 48-8.

3:27 pm: At least Jake is bout it still. Two points in the final 10 seconds earns Jake Pail the 4-3 win. Chase Komara gets a forfeit victory but those 9 points aren’t really relevant as Burrell wins the WPIAL Championship by a score of 48-17.

Your Freedom Bulldogs are the 2016 WPIAL Runner-ups.