President Biden delivers speech to Congress


Melina Mara/Associated Press

President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, April 28, at the House Chamber in the U.S. Capitol.

Chloe Wolf, Asst. Editorial Editor

At 9 p.m. on April 28, President Joe Biden delivered a speech to Congress from the House Chamber in the U.S. Capitol. Biden talked about both the current state of the nation and his future agenda. He explained his hopes for the future and multiple plans he has for the country. The topics he covered in his speech ranged from tax plans to police reform.

President Biden started his speech by addressing the pandemic and how America’s state is improving. At the time of his speech, more than 220 million people were administered a COVID-19 vaccine. This is an achievement, considering Biden promised that 100 million people would have a vaccination by his 100 day in office, which was the day after his speech. He proceeded to encourage all Americans to get vaccinated. Subsequently, Biden brought up the stimulus checks sent out to Americans earlier this year.

We kept our commitment, Democrats and Republicans, of sending $1,400 rescue checks to 85 percent of American households. We’ve already sent more than 160 million checks out the door. It’s making a difference. You all know it when you go home. For many people, it’s making all the difference in the world,” Biden said.

In March, the Biden administration expanded tax credits to families for their children. Families with children under the age of six received a $3,000 credit per child under the age of six. Families with children over the age of six received a $3,600 credit per child. Biden also brought up increasing tax prices, but not for everyone. He plans to increase tax prices on people making more than $400,000 to make sure the wealthier people of America pay their fair share and no more. The idea of reformation of corporate taxes was introduced while Biden brought up plans for tax increases.

“Recent studies show that 55 of the nation’s biggest corporations paid zero federal tax last year. Those 55 corporations made in excess of $40 billion in profit. A lot of companies also evade taxes through tax havens in Switzerland and Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. And they benefit from tax loopholes and deductions for offshoring jobs and shifting profits overseas. It’s not right,” Biden said.

Eventually, Biden addressed the systemic racism in law enforcement and how the police need reformed. Biden, and the rest of the country, support the reform. He would like to reach an agreement between Congress, and finally start the reformation of the system before the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Biden wants equity and to give opportunities for all Americans of every ethnicity.

Biden’s speech to Congress went on for around an hour celebrating accomplishments, addressing issues and making hopeful plans for the future. There are many issues that the Biden administration is hoping to work on in the near future and over time for the betterment of all Americans.