Staff Editorial- Hate: The learned behavior

The rise of white supremacists and neo-nazis can’t be ignored


Staff Editorial

As defined by, white supremacy is, “The belief, theory, or doctrine that white people are inherently superior to people from all other racial groups, especially black people, and therefore rightfully the dominant group in any society.”

The issue of white supremacy is not a debate, but rather hate versus equal rights. In other words, it’s not a political, but a humanitarian issue. For a country founded by immigrants, white supremacists sure do have a loud opinion on immigration now.

The Founding Fathers wanted to escape oppression from the king of Great Britain, so why is it that when others do the same, some people are anything but supportive?

Recently, slavery and the stealing of land have gotten overlooked. America went to war over slavery and such a thing shouldn’t be repeated. There are many other problems in the U.S. to focus on. For example, the discrimination against race and religion.

It’s up to future generations to accurately portray America’s flaws. The things done in the past were gruesome and unpleasant and to avoid repetition, the world is a place filled with faults deserving to be acknowledged.

Skin color really is only skin deep; we’re all human. People shouldn’t be discriminated against in the “so-called” land of the free.

As stated in the Gettysburg Address, “all men are created equal.” After making so much progress with equal rights, America is taking three steps backward toward discrimination and racial bias. For example, the neo-nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville.  

Instead of learning from mistakes made by both Germany and the U.S., we’re trying to repeat them. The Swastika symbol is banned in Germany, but in the United States it’s making a return as a symbol of hatred. This emblem used to signify peace until Hitler warped it to represent his beliefs. The Shawnee year book was previously titled the Swastika until 1941, when the United States was at war with Germany. The staff didn’t want to be associated with such despicable principles.

The town Freedom itself is named because of it’s history. When African Americans were escaping the South, there were multiple signs that read “Freedom,”  along the Ohio river. Once they passed that point, they knew they were free.

The Vicary Mansion in Freedom holds a significant place in history. It housed slaves while they were pursuing citizenship. This house is still standing today and has guided tours.

For most people, hatred on others is a reflection of their inner hatred. They want to be a better person but can’t express it properly. Generally, most people aren’t capable of self love, it makes love and kindness towards others challenging. Hate is a learned behavior. People aren’t born hating a race; it is taught to them through experiences.

Children usually learn from adults. In this day and age, adults are involved in riots of hatred and discrimination. Maybe the adults should start learning from the kids for a change.