The Future is near

23 juniors attend the National College Fair as the end of the high school year approaches

Casey Collins, Staff Writer

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One of the biggest and hardest decisions anybody must make in life is what they want to do after high school. For those who want to continue their education in life, in hopes of finding a steady career, college is usually that next step.

For any high school student, this decision may seem a long way off, but sooner than later, the future will become the present.

Part of a guidance counselor’s job is to encourage students to keep this in mind and provide opportunities that allow students to get familiar with certain options when choosing a college.

On Feb. 7, Guidance Counselor Rita Kaplin, Career Research Readiness Coach Ron Kelm, and English Teacher Catherine Schultz brought a group of 23 juniors to the Pittsburgh National College Fair at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

What is a National College Fair? National College Fairs are the perfect place to begin a college search. During your visit, you can explore your options, ask questions and gather information about colleges you are curious about or may be interested in. Some students were excited to take advantage of being able to speak to colleges they may not be able to contact very easily.

“I was very excited to talk to the representative from Coastal Carolina. I learned a lot about what they have to offer, and I think I might go visit their campus this summer,” junior Noah Valles said.

Just about every college provided information highlighting specifications of the campus, offered majors and admission costs. Each student was also given a barcode linked to their emails so admissions reps could scan to sign students up to receive emails regarding important information about the schools.

This year, the fair hosted over 200 colleges from across the United States, and even included colleges from outside of the country. Admission representatives from these colleges set up booths with brochures, highlighting information about their school. They were also available for students to ask them any questions about their school or just college life in general.

“It was a great learning experience to see what different colleges had to offer and what makes each college unique,” junior Steven Buerkle said.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling hosted the fair, which — was founded in 1937 — and is dedicated to serving students transitioning from secondary to postsecondary education.

Throughout each grade in high school, Freedom attempts to actively prepare students for their future. Freshmen year, students participate in the Freshman Forum, sophomores participate in simulated interviews led by professionals and seniors are responsible for finding an opportunity to job shadow a professional.

College is a huge step for all students, and junior year is the perfect time to prepare them for this step. Taking advantage of opportunities that are offered, like this trip, can be very beneficial to students who are unsure of their futures.

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