Bans off our bodies: women’s rights are human rights

Unfair abortion ban still in effect


Due to the new abortion ban, many protests arose and people took to the streets to fight for their freedoms.

During the month of June, and beforehand, many were pushing the idea of overturning Roe v. Wade, the right for a woman to get an abortion. The world was scattered with protests from both sides and many have been speculating about the pros and cons of this new ban. With many different sides of the spectrum, some may argue that this new, inequitable law, causes more issues than solutions. 

Although, in general, abortions consist of a consensual accident, this fact should not overlook the cases with rape and incest. A popular story, dating back to 1969, brought up the impurities of life before Roe v. Wade. This story consisted of a 10-year-old girl being a victim of rape and having to go to a completely different state just to get an abortion. This 53-year-old story is verbatim to a situation that recently happened. Many know of the 10-year-old rape victim from Ohio that had to travel to Indiana solely because of the “fetal heartbeat” law; an unreasonable ban that cuts a woman off from receiving an abortion after about five and a half weeks. According to, typically most women find out that they are pregnant within four to seven weeks. 

Capping off the right for a woman’s abortion before she even has the chance to realize she is pregnant is not only unfair, but unreasonable.

A significant reason women get abortions is due to socioeconmic issues, such as not being finacially stable and or being looked down or shamed for being pregnant. 

One may wonder, “Why not put the baby up for adoption?”, however this tonedeaf “solution” may not be as easy as it seems. The mother, or somebody else in the mother’s life, would still have to pay for hospital bills and doctor appointments. 

Not to mention the cruel and hard life a child has growing up in the foster care system. From, they state well over 400,000 kids are within the foster care system. Also, from, they state around a third of foster children have been abused by a foster parent or by an adult in the facility. 

Also, this ban neglects women who die or could possibly die during a pregnancy. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) states that around 700 women die every year during childbirth. 

Taking away abortions will never end abortions, it will just end safe abortions. Women will start going back to unsafe, unsanitary and illegal abortions. From, around 68,000 women died annually from unsafe abortions, which was when abortions were legal. 

The whole ban has been taken way too far, so far that women are being punished for miscarriages. According to the BBC, a 21-year-old Native woman from Oklahoma, was punished for manslaughter after having a miscarriage. With this ban, miscarriage care was also hurt. 

America is truly going backwards, history is repeating itself and the fight for the right to an abortion is no where near over. People will not stop until they get the justice that they deserve.