Biden sworn in as 46th President

Harris becomes first female Vice President


Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies

On Jan. 20, President Joe Biden gave his inaugural address in front of the Capitol. Some of the themes he touched upon in his message were unity and recovery.

Pogue Regan, Copy Editor

“I will be watching. I will be listening, and I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better,” and with that, former president Trump had left for Florida on Jan. 20. 

Today was the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and for many, a sigh of relief. The groups that gathered at the capitol weren’t there with malicious intent, but for a call for unity amongst our divided country. Democrats and Republicans alike gathered to support and congratulate President Joseph Biden. Among them were former president and first lady Barack and Michelle Obama, former vice president Mike Pence, and many other former greats. Unfortunately, Trump decided against staying for the ceremony and opting to leave a heart-felt letter to Biden, who says he won’t discuss it unless Trump allows. 

Vice President Kamala Harris was escorted through the capitol today by an officer under the name of Eugene Goodman, who has been vastly credited with his quick thinking in the capitol riots on Jan. 6. There had been some debate on the safety precautions needed for the inauguration due to the violent protests at the Capitol. Some feared that these actions would be repeated after Trump was officially out of office. While Trump has been impeached for the incitement of the violence at the Capitol, he has not been convicted at this time. 

All eyes were on Biden the whole day, where his first stop was St. Matthews church. He attended a pre-inaugural mass as the second Catholic president. From there, he arrived at the ceremony itself. This is where Senator Amy Klobuchar greeted the crowds and introduced members of the congress. From here, Senator Roy Blunt and Father Leo J. O’Donovan III shared a few words. 

It was only after their short speeches that Andrea Hall, a Georgia fire captain, signed the Pledge of Allegiance in ASL at the podium. A few judges were set to share a few words. Amanda Gorman, a young poet, had also performed a piece of hers. Gorman began, “When day comes we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never-ending shade?” After a few more performances, two of which were by Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, Harris and Biden were sworn in.

Biden and Harris, along with their families, walked the streets with secret services trailing close behind.  Biden even took the time to interact with some members of the press, notably Al Roker. 

The night ended with a performance by Katy Perry, as well as a few pre-recorded musical performances. Tom Hanks introduced the clips and shared some words. 

2020 was certainly a rocky year, but there is hope amongst the people that action will be taken.