Brand new DECA cards

DECA gets new adviser, members


Sophomores Jessica Scheel and Madison Lewis practice a roleplay for Adviser Bradley Baldwin to start practicing for the actual competition in December.

Leah McNear, Staff Writer

DECA is a club at FHS centered around professionalism and business management skills. The previous adviser Ms. Beth Arnold has since moved to the middle school.

This year, the club’s advisor is communications teacher Bradley Baldwin. As a communications teacher, Baldwin instructs students in skills that are discussed in DECA. Along with their new adviser, DECA is currently up to 47 members so far this year.

Mr. Deal had asked me if I was interested in being the adviser. I love teaching professionalism and public speaking skills, so DECA seemed like an awesome fit for me! After our trip to Atlanta last spring for the International Career Development Conference, I had the opportunity to see the value of the program,” Baldwin said. He hopes to make the program competitive in every category.

“By doing so, students will have gained the necessary skills to demonstrate professionalism and content knowledge in each of DECA’s career clusters: business administration, marketing, finance and hospitality and tourism. Although our chapter’s goal is to focus on those core career clusters, my expectation is that students will be better prepared for any career after high school,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin wants to increase meetings, membership, study session opportunities, professional skills and qualifications for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). He hopes the members enjoy the club and learn many valuable lessons.

In the meeting on Thursday Oct. 4, guest speakers Mr. Bob Nathan and Mrs. Gayanne Ice discussed how they became involved in DECA. Nathan has coached students in DECA at Riverside for 39 years. Ice’s daughter who went to Riverside was in DECA under Nathan.

In the past, DECA competitors have made it to the state level. Sites are set on the same achievement this year.

I wanted to be vice president to help those struggling because I have been in their shoes. I also wanted to keep the pleasurable theme for times outside of business,” vice president Maxwell Ujhazy said. He has been in DECA for two years. He is also involved in many other clubs and sports in the school.

“I made so many great memories with the club, and I would love for myself and others to make so many more in the upcoming years. So, I am grateful that I was elected by the members of the club,” Ujhazy said. He is determined to make this year an eventful one.

I believe Mr. Baldwin’s excitement, passion, enthusiasm, and friendliness has already opened the doors to much more participation. We have never seen so many students attending DECA,” Ujhazy said. He hopes to continue the fun DECA has had in the past. Only time will tell how these changes will influence the club’s activity this year.