Happening with Hallie

Trends set a new outlook on fashion and technology for the future


Models show the new trends sweeping through stores.

Hallie Spielman, Distribution Director

With many different trends that people around us follow, what kind of trends do some of our fellow classmates know of and follow themselves? This week, the hunt for the best and worst trends began.Trends tend to be a fashion choice that one person chooses to make, which can lead to others start to follow them. How does the school feel about trends?

When wearing a trend, you represent a personality or style about yourself or about the trend’s creator. So when people follow trends, they continue to resemble a personality or style. Many people choose to color their hair, with fun colors or even highlights. Some go for fun colors while others stick to highlights. Either way, it is a trend that even people who might not consider themselves to be “trendy” can follow.

“I highlighted my hair to follow the summer trend,” senior Michaela Hedge said, explaining the trends that she follows.

Then there are some people who wear birkenstocks with socks. There are leather birkenstocks, and there are metallic birkenstocks.

FHS English teacher Blair Lasko shared her knowledge about trends, and that the last trend she knows of is dabbing.  She said that the trends are “strange but harmless.”

Senior Haley Greco spoke about her knowledge of trends that are occurring in the world today.

“I’ve seen colored eyeliner, two-toned jeans, and scrunchies. All three trends are becoming more popular,” Greco said.  

Some of our parents might have even worn scrunchies when they were younger and in school.

When referring to technology, Senior Jon Kaercher shared his opinion about trends.

“I always have to be with it because I don’t want to be left behind” Kaercher shared.

With constant technology advances and phone cameras becoming better, documenting new trends and sharing those trends is becoming easier and easier.

Kaercher also shared his knowledge of man rompers.

“I will never wear one,” Kaercher declared.  

The new man rompers mean that men and women can both wear rompers. When rompers were popular, many ladies decided to wear them. Now a new trend for male rompers has begun.

What if a trend was to own a backpack made out of recycled water bottles? Or a trend to own jewelry made from old recycled glass? All the trends that could be created in the future can be created now if someone chooses to try and take the time to make a trend. With all sorts of trends that anyone can follow, if they choose to follow them, how many classmates do you think will follow these trends? To leave a mark in fashion history, someone needs to try and make their own trends. Trends will come and go, some will disappear and reappear, but change is always good.