In a class of their own

Undefeated season allows girls’ soccer to take second section title despite move to class AA

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In a class of their own

Joey Pail, Staff Writer

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Going into a new section would have normally scared the girls’ soccer team, but none of them would have suspected to have done even better in section AA than in its smaller counterpart, section A.

“[In the beginning of the season] we were scared about moving up in a higher division because the competition would be harder but ultimately, with the New Brighton girls, I think we can definitely handle it,” junior Taylor Petroff said.

They did just that, handled every team they played. They outworked and outscored, and all of that gave them an undefeated season as of Oct. 11. One of their last games on Oct. 10, against Steel Valley, also gave them another victory. This was different though, in that it shows that the girls can play in multiple sections. The girls won a section title for section 1-AA, which also gives them a high seat in the upcoming playoffs.

As of Oct. 11, the girls have an overall record of 15-0 and section record of 10-0. This means they have not lost a single game this season, which is better than their last season in A, where they lost one and tied one. They did better in AA than in A, and what’s especially impressive is that they did it with three injured seniors and a team primarily made up of juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

On Oct.12, the girls played their senior night without a single playable senior. The three seniors did, however walk, crutch or scoot out onto the field through a tunnel of their friends, cheerleaders and teammates. They were all recognized with their positions, honors and future ambitions and presented with a gift by a few underclassmen.

As of their last game on Oct. 17 against Beaver, the girls have only had a total of seven goals scored against them and no game has had more than three against Freedom. This is a tremendous feat for both the defense and the goalie. Their goalie, junior Jacklyn Hartle, has made on average 5.7 saves per game. Their defense, which consists of freshman Myah Hrinko, junior Jordan Hartle and sophomores Chloe Keller and Taylor Greene, has cleared, assisted or passed up every other ball that has been on their side and hasn’t ended in a goal. The offense has been doing just as well, scoring an average of 4.6 goals every game.

The girls’ last section game was on Monday, Oct. 17 against Beaver, which was anything but ordinary for them. Freedom, for the first time this season, was losing at some point in a game. The score was 2-0 Beaver, and Freedom was still trying to figure out where to put their players after a loss of their center defensive player Jordan Hartle.

After Freedom had finally found their players in an adequate position to fill the gap, the girls started to fight back. They scored one goal at the beginning of the second half, then another briefly after that to tie it up. At this point, tensions were rising between both teams as they watched the scoreboard report a 2-2 score and the time ticking away.

Then, Freedom scored a third goal to end their comeback from a 2-0 loss at the end of half. The final score of their final section game was 2-3 and, for once this season, the girls got the closest they’d ever had to losing, but they showed that they are willing to work hard to get back in it.

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