“Meet me at midnight…”

Digging deeper into Taylor Swift’s new album


From the breathy start of  “Lavender Haze”  and the upbeat toon of  “Bejeweled,” to the conclusory tone of  “Mastermind”  and the regretful and reminiscent sound of  “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve,” Taylor Swift evoked a variety of sounds and emotions in her new album “Midnights.” With 13 original songs, having the album last 44 minutes, plus six more “3 am tracks” added to the album at 3 am the night of release, fans and listeners alike were stunned by the range accomplished. Swift somehow managed to take each person who listened to her album on a journey through her thoughts during the late night hours. The overthinking, the longing, the regret and the hope that one seeks during the night were portrayed throughout the entire album. Relating to so many fans, Swift produced yet another extraordinary work of art. 

Fans worldwide stayed up until midnight on Oct. 20, desperately awaiting her tenth studio album. While Swift is known for her teasers and easter eggs throughout all of her media, a new album was still a shocker for many. On Aug. 29 she posted a picture of the album cover and revealed the title to fans, describing the album as, “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life…”. Fans were stunned. Swift was back at it again and no one was going to stop her. She then proceeded with “Midnight’s Mayhem” and would tease fans with track name drops and extra information about each song, keeping everyone on their toes. Then comes the album itself: 13 sleepless nights she warned and 13 sleepless nights was most definitely given. 

As the album starts with “Lavender Haze”, a fun and upbeat start to the album. She tells us that “I feel the lavender haze creeping up on me, surreal,” wanting that feeling of love. “Maroon” is next, and this song was a bit more reminiscent of what we assume is a past relationship, especially when she says “I chose you, the one I was dancing with in New York”. Then comes “Anti-Hero” , the anthem that struck the Swifty community and many more as well. The main point she makes is “It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me,” and she believes that everybody agrees. Many feel as though they can relate to this song because it takes on that overthinking aspect that many are conflicted with especially when relationships and friendships come into play. 

Her only song that features another artist is  “Snow on the Beach”,  featuring Lana Del Rey, who sings background vocals. This song touches on how when two people are mutually falling in love, it can have this weird yet beautiful feeling to it. 

Swift tells her fans that this album is going to be one that mixes sounds from over the years, so when “Karma” and “Vigilante [sic]” come on, fans realize they have a Reputation-esque sound to them.  Finishing off her original album, she gives us “Mastermind”, a song about putting all the pieces into place, designing the game of falling for someone and getting someone to fall for you, but the funny thing is they “knew the entire time.” 

The album ends with six extra tracks that fans were ecstatic to receive. One that struck many was “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve,” which sets a regretful tone and she sings about how much she regrets a person and the actions that lead up to them. It takes on this religious parallel to losing her innocence and this song becomes an echoing psalm for those who regret.  

In the end, Swift produced another amazing album. While at first listen through, it may not have been what fans were expecting, it still is a chart-topper. She always finds a way to make each song a lyrical masterpiece while still holding on to that relatable song type she is known for.