NHS welcomes 13 new inductees


The new members, Jordyn Wright, Melissa Keith, Robin Kaufman, Claudia Huggins, Taylor Greene, Carson Gilarno, Marydeth Feits, Jenna Engel, David Eisenbrown, Kassandra DePoppe, Joshua Beck, Alexsia Barlamas and Myla Sharpless take the oath to be entered into NHS.

Baylee Stewart, Photo/Design Editor (SmugMug)

As the students sit on the stage, their parents sit in the audience before them, their chosen teacher sits behind them. It’s finally time, what these students have been waiting for. Names are called, certificates are handed out and candles are lit. The raising of the right hand gives them the satisfaction that they are finally getting inducted into the National Honor Society.

On Nov. 1, 13 students were inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS).  Another 13 students returned to stay in the program. This event took place in the Freedom High School auditorium.

Ms. Ruthanne Gudzan and Mrs. Kristen Milanovich took over the open sponsor positions. The position was held for four year by Mrs. KC Hastings and three years by Mrs. Amy Isanogle. Every year, the NHS students and sponsors have to do four service projects. Gudzan and Milanovich expressed their commitment to participating in service projects that interest the students in NHS.

“We want them to be interested and really passionate about what we’re doing.” Gudzan said, “We got a lot of positive feedback from administration, coworkers and parents saying that they thought it was a really good program and ceremony.”

Each year, students are chosen to join this program based on four pillars. These pillars are scholarship, character, leadership and service. Scholarship is the 93 percent grade average coming into 11th grade that required of the students. Character is the overall personality of the students, if they are helpful, caring and other positive characteristics. Leadership is if students hold office in clubs, captains of teams or if the student shows how they can lead in groups. Service is the community service they are willing to provide to make a difference.

World History teacher Mr. Jeffrey Griffith was the keynote speaker at the ceremony. He explained that these pillars expand beyond the requirements. He stated during his speech that scholarship is doing your best and trying to learn as much as you can. One part of leadership is being trustworthy. Character expands to show others how to act and to give them an idol. Finally, service is making an impact in someone’s life.

They have recently completed their first service project. They donated blankets to the humane society because there are quite a few animal lovers in the group.

“Managing my time around homework and sports is very difficult for me because I feel like I never have time, but somehow I get things done,” junior Jordyn Wright said.

Students are always willing to give out advice when needed.

“Plan ahead and don’t wait until last minute to get your work done,” senior Josh Beck said.

Overall, the ceremony received great feedback and the sponsors and program’s returners welcome the new members.