Officer Pullen takes Officer Liberty’s position


For nine years as a resource officer, Officer Thomas Liberty was a friend, role model and teacher to the students and staff. He shared many laughs, created bonds, formed memories and made an impact. On Oct. 31, Liberty officially retired and is no longer Freedom’s Resource Officer. On Nov. 1, Freedom welcomed Officer Greg Pullen to take his position.

“I had the privilege to be Officer Pullen’s field training officer when he was a new officer with the New Sewickley Township Police Department. I immediately recognized Officer Pullen as a caring, compassionate and fair person, who will make great strides as the School Resource Officer,” Liberty said. 

Before his work with the New Sewickley Township Police Department, Pullen worked as a fishing guide, an athlete, a counselor for at-risk youth and a steelworker. He then decided to change courses with his career and become a police officer. Pullen earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Gannon University. He has been working for the New Sewickley Township Police Department for the past nine years. During this time, he has held multiple roles, which include patrolman, field training officer and detective.

“I became a law enforcement officer to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I believe it is important for all students to have a safe environment to learn, develop and be successful. Being a school resource officer gives me the opportunity to be one of the many positive role models in the school district who will make a positive difference in students’ lives,” Pullen said. 

Pullen’s goals at the high school are to promote a safe learning environment for all students and to develop positive relationships that connect the students, the community and law enforcement. Creating strong bonds allows students to feel more comfortable with Pullen and makes it easier for them to go to him when they need someone to talk to. 

“The advice I would offer to Officer Pullen would be to be yourself, always advocate for the students and no matter what, always remember the community wants two things; their kids to be educated, and they want their kids to be safe, and as the School Resource Officer, you take part in both,” Liberty said.

Being a new face to the students, Pullen strives to understand the communities needs by getting to know the students and staff. Pullen has been doing this by introducing himself in the morning, in the hallways between classes, during lunch breaks and during Personal Learning Time. It is important to know that even though Pullen is in a place of authority, he is a person, too. Aside from working for the New Sewickley Township Police department, Pullen enjoys fishing, hunting and watching his daughter play basketball and softball. Many students and staff share these interests. Pullen encourages all the students to stop into his office at any time and introduce themselves or just say hi. In any instance, students and staff members meeting and communicating with each individual in the community is a great way for our school to feel connected. Meeting new people can be exciting and a way to create new friendships that could last a lifetime.