Political silence

Students avoid discussing politics to avert conflict


Baylee Stewart, Co-Editor-in-Chief (Print)/Photo/Design Editor

Students have quite a bit of free time to talk to each other throughout the day, whether it be in between classes or at lunch. They talk about what they did the night before, things they’re interested in and even the latest gossip happening in the school. However, there is one topic that is almost never discussed in school: politics.

This might be due to the fact that students might not think about politics too often or because they’re tired of hearing about it when they’re at home. Politics are plastered everywhere. Yes, it’s great because people do need to get out there and vote; however, it gets old when it’s brought up multiple times a day.

Students might not talk about politics to their friends simply because they’re tired of hearing about it. School is seen as a “getaway” from politics for these students. From hearing about it on the news to seeing it on social media, people get tired of it easily. It’s understandable as to why students don’t talk about politics during school for this reason.

In addition, some political news can be extremely unprofessional. For example, CNN published an article titled, “Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton ‘The Devil.’’’ When looking at this headline, should it really even be news? Politicians insult each other every day, and people insult each other every day. This article could have been used to discuss more important topics in politics rather than one politician calling another politician a name.

In today’s society, political talks often end in arguments. This is because one person strongly believes one side and the other person believes the other side, but neither of them will deem themselves as incorrect. These situations often lead to major disagreements, which cause friends to possibly become upset with one another. These disagreements can simply be avoided by not talking about politics, which would then result in fewer arguments between friends.

There are several students who may not think about politics during school. They go to their classes, make small talk with friends and discuss other topics rather than politics. Politics is just simply not on their mind.

Some people are also uncomfortable about sharing their views on politics because they might not want others to view them differently, or they are private about their opinions. However, there are others who are comfortable in expressing their opinions in politics. There is nothing wrong with either of these groups of people; it just depends on what type of person you are.

Nobody should be afraid to express their opinions on politics, but everyone should go into the conversation with an open mind and know that no one answer is correct. There is not one answer as to why students might not talk about politics during school hours, but there are many considerations.