Rolling out of good season

Bocce team to enter playoffs


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After a hard-fought victory, the Freedom bocce team shows their sportsmanship as they take a group photo with the Vikings team.

Christopher Denkovich, Asst. News Editor

The bocce team’s first season is nearing its end. Since this is Freedom’s first time having a bocce team, everything the team does is making history. That includes their first scrimmage, home game, win, loss, tie and soon-to-be playoffs. The bocce team had a record of 1-2-1 after winning their first-ever home game, taking two losses on the road and tying their first-ever match against Shenango. Their record changed to 2-2-1 after defeating the Hopewell Vikings 2-0 on Wednesday, Feb. 9. 

Bocce is an amazing sport with so much more to offer than just winning. The friendships that are obtained by playing on a team can last a lifetime. Bocce teaches lessons that improve teamwork, communication and all other life skills.

 “Developing new friendships with the others on the team that a lot of other people don’t take the time to bond and make connections with,” sophomore Brenna McIlvain said.

 Aside from life skills, students get to make important memories like, 

Spending time with the kids of Cafe 116 and watching them have fun alongside me with the sport,” McIlvain said. 

Kindness and sportsmanship are very important in the world of bocce. Although everyone loves winning, being a good sport and supporting others is always more important. 

The bocce team has received a tremendous amount of support from the Freedom community. 

We thank everyone for their continued support of our bocce team!” head coach Ms. April English said. 

The sport has become so popular that Cafe 116 has one of its top-selling drinks “Bocce Blue” named after the team. The Cafe even gave out free Bocce Blue coupons at the first home game for all students who attended and showed their support. The game was a success with lots of students and spectators showing support and witnessing the team’s first win. 

Even though the season is nearing its end, it’s not over yet. The bocce team is hosting playoffs on Feb. 23. The playoffs will consist of seven different teams from schools across the county. Playoffs will determine who goes to the state competition held in Hershey, Pa., on March 23 and 24. 

No matter what happens at the playoffs or what the team’s final record is, Freedom is extremely proud of the bocce team. All members of the team have put a lot of hard work and dedication into the sport, have done an amazing job this season and have made history.