Seniors’ final days filled with several milestones


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Senior Erica Gazdik poses while completing service hours for her youth group.

This year has been anything but normal, especially for this year’s seniors. But luckily we came back to school just in time for seniors to have those last few big days together.

Graduation projects have been a huge part of students’ senior years as long as most can remember. But this
year, a few major changes have been made to make the projects easier for students as they had to complete the project in the middle of a pandemic. The presentations are being held in person, on May 24. With students being at home in quarantine for
most of their projects the school has changed a lot of requirements that
students had to reach. There were two major changes to the projects, the
community service hours went down, and students were allowed to job shadow over the phone because both
were a lot harder to complete in the middle of a pandemic.

The last day for seniors has always been an exciting but emotional day for students. The students’ last day
this year is May 28, one week before graduation.

“I’m excited to graduate, and start a new chapter of my life. But I’m so upset to leave my highschool
friends that I’ve had for years behind, because you have been through so much together as a grade. It’s hard to let go,” senior Madison Lewis said.

With the date approaching fast, the students are definitely taking in as much time as possible together.

Graduation is the biggest day of a student’s academic journey. Even though this year there are major
changes, the school is still trying to do everything possible to make this day memorable for the students.

“I’m hoping that we can have a “normal” graduation even if we have to wear masks,” senior Tyler Waggoner said.

There will only be 10 tickets per each graduating senior. Both the home and away bleachers will be open for seating to fit as many people as possible to be there in support for our seniors.

The “after party of graduation” also known as Project Graduation has always been an exciting thing for the seniors, but sadly it is not very COVID-19 friendly. This year, though, they are planning something even better for the seniors to remember
their last goodbye together.

“We’re thinking about doing a trip on the Gateway Clipper following the graduation ceremony,” principal William Deal said.

If everything works out, that will definitely be a night the seniors will remember forever.