Students set goals to keep motivation through school

Students set goals to keep motivation through school

As students move into high school, they start to plan out their future. Students start to decide if they want to go onto college or trade school. Some students may even go straight into the workfield. In order to achieve all plans, students must start goals and techniques now to keep themselves motivated. A way students can stay motivated is getting a routine so they can get everything done. 

“The thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that rewards can come out of difficult situations,” junior Josephine Brenckle said. “Even when times are tough, you have to keep moving forward; everything happens for a reason.” 

A way to keep motivated is to look up inspirational words and phrases. For example, “You’ve got this,” or “All your hard work will pay off.” Even when time gets hard, one should never give up. All of the hard work will pay off in the long run. As graduation comes, seniors start to realize how their hard work has finally paid off. 

Another way students keep themselves motivated to stay on task with their workload is by keeping organized. Senior Janey Parks stays motivated by making checklists of everything that she needs to do and checks the tasks off as she accomplishes them.

“I like to keep lists because I will not remember everything that I need to do if I do not write it all down first,” Parks said.

Setting goals, whether they are long term or short term, helps keep many students motivated. Setting those goals sets one up and helps get everything done faster. One can cross out each goal as they go and see how it rewards them. Junior Alyssa Imhoff sets goals for herself in order to see how much she has improved. 

“Setting mini goals in order to reach my future goals keeps me motivated because it proves that I am getting to my future goal just one step at a time,” Imhoff said. 

In a study conducted by Vanderbilt University, it showed that the best way to keep students motivated is by “giving verbal praises for successful progress and accomplishments.” This keeps students motivated because it gives them information and helpful feedback that they can instantly use. This shows that someone is proud of them and the students feel accomplished. 

Overall, there are many ways to stay motivated. Those include: setting goals, verbal praises and realizing the outcome. These three tricks can keep students from giving up. Setting goals will help students stay on track with their assignments. Verbal praises will help give students immediate, good feedback and help them feel accomplished. Finally, realizing the outcome can help because if one gets the small things done, then they can realize their big accomplishments in the future.