Through thick and thin

Volleyball team sticks together despite record


The volleyball season comes to a quick end. As the seniors leave, they can look back at all that the team has accomplished. In any scenario, a crucial aspect of a team is the bonds between its members. Throughout the season, players have worked side by side at every practice and throughout every win and loss. They continued to work together to revise, improve, learn, teach and overall better the team. Working together towards a common goal and building each other up can inevitably lead to an increase in productivity and an ideal outcome on the court. In the end, they had a record of 6-12. No matter the outcome of the games and plays, the players hugged, high-fived and gave each other reassuring pats on the backs. The players are there for each other even at its worst and they continuously pushed towards improving and learning from each other.

“We work hard at practice. We work on what we messed up. As long as we know what we did wrong, we can work on it from there. I like to push my teammates to make sure they do better and that they feel encouraged throughout the game. If they feel motivated, then so can the whole team,” junior Cassidy Harris said. 

With tough matchups, like Our Lady of Sacred Heart (OLSH), the players persevered and used the skills offered by each and every player.

“The players have improved a lot. They started to yell a little bit more in the last couple of weeks. Playing-wise, the team did really well against New Brighton. We also played pretty well against OLSH. They played them really tough,” coach George Bellinger said. 

The volleyball team honored six of its players on Oct. 8 during the senior night game. The seniors have taught, bonded and worked with the other players for the entire season. The other team members recognized the seniors by having the seniors walk up the court with their parents and announce their future plans. They also came up with a few surprises for the seniors to receive. The players were a big part of the seniors last season and bonded with them in many ways.

“My favorite memory from playing volleyball definitely has to be all of my freshmen this year; everyone was so welcoming. Volleyball has taught me to stay professional; this may sound odd, but it’s taught me to put my emotions aside. Having a bad play or negative emotions in general is not something you want on the court, especially when you work with a group. Keeping personal feelings out of the equation is crucial for volleyball, and anything collaborative in general,”  senior Ana Shipman said. 

Overall, the volleyball team has made an impact on every player involved. People outside them have contributed through the candle, popcorn and car wash fundraisers that the players organized. With hopes of seeing new faces in the future, the team hopes to have another great season next year.