What’s next for Texas?

Lone Star State recovers after winter storm


nekosoft/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The federal government declared a national emergency after Texas experienced a catastrophic winter storm that caused mass power outages and left millions without running water.

Paige Young, Asst. News Editor

In Pennsylvania seeing snow is no shock to people, but Texas on the other hand rarely ever sees snow. That was until February when a snow and ice storm came sweeping through the large state, leaving many without power, heat and some people even having to boil their water because it was not safe to drink.

Texas saw some of its coldest temperatures in more than 30 years, some dropping to zero degrees. Around 3.3 million people were left without power and with the icy roads, many people avoided leaving their homes. With temperatures being so low, pipes in homes burst and taps ran dry. People have even lost their lives from the storm because of hypothermia and house fires. Some people died from car crashes because the ice was so bad. It was so cold in some homes people tried to get heat by starting their cars in their garages. This caused many to be poisoned from carbon monoxide. It is estimated that at least 80 people died in the storm. Just like in March of 2020 when stores were empty because of COVID-19, stores have once again been cleared out in Texas. Schools have even been closed due to damages. 

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was boarding a plane for Cancun in the middle of the storm. This had many people in an outrage, but Cruz said he left the state to go to Cancun because his daughter asked him to. He wanted to be a good dad, was his reasoning. His trip has caused him to lose many voters. 

President Joe Biden issued a major disaster declaration. It is possible that Texas might need more than the $125 billion it costed to fix the damages from Hurricane Harvey back in Aug. 2017. Many people are wondering if Congress will pass additional disaster money to help the state. Others say the state will never be able to recover on its own and is in need of government assistance.

As many people are now trying to recover from this disaster they are still running into problems. Many have gained their power back but a lot are still left without clean water. Until the water is clean and people can drink it they must boil their water first. As the weather in Texas might be getting back to normal, many Americans across the state are still trying to get back on their feet.