Wrestling team looks to build momentum


Brigette Richard, Asst. News Editor

When December starts, so do getting the mats ready for the start of wrestling season. Wrestlers have prepared for months getting ready for this year. Preparing for their last high school matches, seniors Trenton McCray, Tanner Millward, Matthew Schultheis and Dante Welling start to cherish their last moments on the mat with their teammates.

Their first tournament was the Chartiers-Houston Invitational on Dec. 2 and 3, where they placed 19th with 60 points. Throughout the match, Schultheis made it all the way to the Consolation Round 4 where he was pinned in a minute and 59 seconds. Junior Ryan Kredel made it to the championship and consolation semifinals where he lost by a technical fall over during the consolation rounds, and by a decision during the championship semifinals. Following  Kredel, sophomore Gavyn McCray also made it to the consolation semifinals and lost by a decision. Both Kredel and Gavyn McCray placed fifth overall in the invitational. 

The team continued where they wrestled Montour. Senior Trent McCray and Millward, junior Kredel and sophomore Gavyn McCray had each pinned their opponent and got the team to a score of 36, but lost close by 39-36. 

“We are progressing, but some matches are harder than others to win because we have to forfeit some weight classes,” Kredel said.

Wrestling in the Moon Duals, they took on five different teams. In round one, they faced Bethel Park, where Millward, Kredel, junior James Couch, Gavyn McCray and freshman ZeShawn Williams led the team getting 26 points. They still fell to their opponents and lost by a score of 47-26. Following the Bethel Park defeat, they took on Quaker Valley where Williams led the team, winning six more points in two minutes and 59 seconds. They lost to Quaker Valley by 61-12. 

In round three they faced Fort Cherry and fell by 42-32. Schultheis, Gavyn McCray, sophomore Camden Bruce and Couch all beat their opponents. Schultheis and Bruce with a pin, Gavyn McCray with a technical fall over and Couch with a decision. They continued to fight through the duals and faced Moon in round four falling again 42-32. Schultheis, Kredel, Millward, Williams and Couch, continued to lead the team throughout this round and got the team to 32 points despite forfeits. 

In the final round, also the placement round, the team fought against Beth-Center and lost by 48-30. Schultheis and Kredel were able to pin their opponents, getting six points each. 

After practicing throughout the week, on Dec. 14, the team took on Beaver and was able to beat them by a score of 51-24. Schultheis, Gavyn McCray, Couch and Millward each pinned their opponents and gained six points for the team. Williams had beaten his opponent with a decision, gaining another three points. 

The team continues to wrestle and fight for wins throughout the month where they will take on different matches, tournaments and quads.