A colorful scene

Drama club hosts color run to fund productions


Christopher Denkovich, Managing Editor

An explosion of color, smiles and laughter filled the air as participants ran or walked the track at Green Valley Park in order to support the drama club. On Saturday, Oct. 8, tables lined the 5-kilometer-long course of Green Valley Park. Drama club student members came early at 8 a.m. Sunday morning. They helped drama club sponsors not only set up for the event but also helped by running it themselves. Students who ran a table filled cups with a variety of different colored chalks depending on the locations of the tables. As participants ran past the tables, the students threw the chalk at their clothing, giving runners an eclectic multicolored set of apparel by the end of the event.

This is the second consecutive year that the drama club has held the color run to fund the program, and their goal is to continue with it every year.

 “No matter what we are doing, fundraisers like the color help the drama club financially support our program. It helps with spreading the word about our shows as well as helping us pay for things such as sets, costumes or whatever else it might be that we need,” senior Madison Sanders, Drama Club co-president, said. 

The sign-up cost for the run was $15 per person. Many friends and family members came to support the drama club as well as teachers or anyone else looking for a great time.

One of the most crucial aspects of the color run aside from raising money is the way that it brings the community together. The color run is a collaborative way for cast members to get to know each other better and bond before the production is even announced. Spending time together is a great way to build chemistry amongst the cast before auditions and practices begin. Drama Club members had a blast covering some of their favorite teachers in brightly colored chalk. 

“My favorite part of the color run was throwing chalk at people,” senior Connor Tavern, drama club treasurer said.

Younger students and children of participants had a great time getting chalk anywhere they could and getting to throw some of the chalk at others as well. 

A vital part of the color run is the photo at the end, where participants take handfuls of chalk and throw it into the air for a colorful display. Some participants even had fun after the photo by throwing leftover chalk at one another for a final coating of color. Overall, the color run is a great opportunity for the drama club to grow closer to the community, raise money for the program and have a good time on an early Saturday morning.