A new season ‘fore’ the golf team

Golf team improves from last year


Sophomore Kameron Skrobacz pulls back his Four Hybrid to hit the ball on the North Course at Rolling Acres.

Natalie Dubovi, Staff Writer

Many people think of golf as one of the most boring sports, but they really don’t know much about how it’s played. Golf is unique because it’s the one of the only sports where players need to get the lowest score to win. Each swing a golfer takes counts against them. There’s a goal amount of strokes for each hole that the golfers try to attain. This is called par. For example, if a hole is par four, their goal is to get the ball in the hole in only four strokes. If the golfer goes over four, they’re not doing great, but if they make the ball in the hole in under four strokes, they’re doing really well.

“It’s very challenging to get a low score. Every shot counts and precision is key,” senior David Eisenbrown said.

Games like golf, played with a stick and ball, have been around for centuries, but the 18 hole game of golf that is now played originated in Scotland. The word golf in Scottish means “stick” or “club.”

Different clubs are used for certain things in golf. Some are used for far distances, some are used for average distances and some clubs are just used for putting.

Golfers keep their clubs and balls together in a golf bag. Golfers must take their bag with them around the course so they can switch out clubs whenever it’s necessary. The Freedom golf team, however, must not only take their clubs around the course, but they also need to constantly be taking them between their home, the school and the golf course.  

This year, the golf team consists of 15 members, most of whom are juniors. Nearly half of the members are new to the team this year. They are coached by the Secondary Computer Applications teacher Tom Hickey. Hickey has been the head golf coach since 2016.

With seven returners, the team looks to make improvements from last year. When the team is not competing, they’re practicing.

“You really need to practice a lot. Golf is a mental sport. The more you practice and stay focused, the better you get,” junior Evan Aland said.

Besides the mental side of golf, a lot of physical practice needs to be put in as well.

“Practice is very important. We practice at the driving range, at home and on a nine-hole course. Practicing your short game is especially important,” Eisenbrown said.

Teams want to win in every sport, but in golf, the team knows that there’s more to it than just winning. Most players are not even on the team because they originally thought golf was going to be interesting. They just saw it as a hobby they could do while hanging out with their friends and having fun.  

“The one thing I think I like the most about being on the golf team is that you just go out with your friends and have fun. There’s no other sport like it,” Aland said.

Last year, the golf team finished their season with a record of 2-11. As of Sept. 20, the team was 2-8 with three more games to still be played.