A Night to Remember

Project graduation will be held on June 7 and feature various forms of entertainment

Sam Romutis, Staff Writer

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After the graduation ceremonies, the fun begins. Every year, after the tassels are turned and the hats are thrown, project graduation is a go. Sponsored by the Freedom Area Task Force, decorations and decal are set up throughout the cafeteria, student center and gymnasium. Professional entertainers are also hired to provide students with a good time. The event will be held after graduation on June 7 and run from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Project graduation will be held on June 7, following the graduation ceremonies. It will run from _ p.m. to _ a.m. on June 8. This year, DJ Ben McFee will set the mood with some tunes all night long, magician Jason Alan will show off some sleight of hand tricks, caricature artists Luca Paganico and Ron Kantrowitz will be there if someone feels like receiving a portrait of themself, psychic Shay Port will be there to read students’ thoughts and airbrush artist Harry Colbert Jr. will be there to provide temporary tattoos.

Aside from the professionals that will attend, ‘Crazy Monkey,’ will also be there to set up inflatables and parkour-type courses. There will be an 70’ x 40’ obstacle course plus a rock climb-n-slide, human foosball court, wrecking ball, mechanical riding bull and even a 28 ft. rock wall, which will be set up outside the cafeteria, in the parking lot.

There will also be plenty of prizes to go around. A raffle will be set up and will include several different prizes and gifts. Students will have the opportunity to win things such as gift cards, supplies and even electronic devices ranging from ipads to televisions.

Perhaps the most strategy-based game of the night, the money machine, will be available for students to grab as much money out of the air as possible. The box consists of several one, five, 10, 20 and even 50 dollar bills. When the fan inside the box is activated, money will fly everywhere and participants only have a few seconds to grab as much money as possible. The person with the most money collected at the end of the night will receive a prize.

The Freedom Task Force puts on this event in hopes that it will create lasting memories for the students. Project Graduation is the final night for the graduates to spend some time together as a whole class, before they branch off into their own lives.