All hands on Dec!

DECA continues searching for new members


Leah McNear, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what club in Freedom can help you utilize skills in fields of marketing, managing and hospitality in high schools and colleges around the globe? A place where students can use strategy and skill, make networking connections and gain better job prospects? DECA is the club you’re thinking of.

The students attend district, state, national competitions and conferences, depending on how well they do. This year, the state competition is in Atlanta, Georgia. The competitions are in sections where students can work in singles or on teams, depending on their chosen event. The conferences focus on which career a student could possibly pursue. With a diverse range of seminars, it provides essential information for possible career paths.

People can write essays and have them submitted to possibly qualify for nationals. The essays can be centered around a variety of business topics, which can range from a personal narrative to a business essay.

Some students might consider preparing themselves for a future in the business world. DECA is run by middle school teacher Ms. Beth Arnold, who supervises the club’s activities.

Life skills are important to learn, so having a club like DECA will help students to not be overwhelmed by the professional world. Members of DECA might say that being aware of what’s expected in their future career is crucial for success.

The club is currently looking for more people to join. The deadline to sign up is November 15. There will be a sign up sheet in the office. If a person is interested in joining DECA, that person needs to keep in mind that this club requires commitment. Plan to be on time when meetings are held. If you plan on joining DECA, know that it should be taken seriously.