An update to AAP to limit unorganization

New sign-out system created to alleviate confusion

Joey Pail, Staff Writer

AAP has been limited ever since late 2016, when Deal decided that the process was unorganized. Students would leave to go to other classes without getting a pass or telling their normal AAP teacher. This led to a problem of finding those students when they were needed.
“This organization is bad in a sense that if an evacuation of the school was made, that teacher would not know where the student was and the teacher that now has the student would know that they were responsible for them,” Principal William Deal said.

Since then, AAP has been either canceled completely on days or it has been impossible for clubs to organize meetings; thus, students have had to stay in their normal AAP class.

With a few talks and some new ideas by Brian Wargo, meetings have begun to surface again and with it clubs have been able to have meetings and students have been able to go get help on school work.

“Administration had a valid concern about students being unaccounted for during AAP. It was my intention to help administration remedy this problem. I felt the best way to keep our clubs was to keep administration happy by sending attendance out before the AAP period avoided any ‘bounty hunting’ during the AAP period,” Wargo said.
“The onus was now on the club teacher instead of the AAP teacher to keep track of those students. If they did not show, the club teacher sent them as a no show. This new system has cut down on all delinquencies and kept the halls under control. It has been a win-win for the school,” Wargo said.

The update of AAP right now is that some clubs have been using a sign-up strategy for students that want to attend those clubs, however it has been implemented that sign-up ends in the time frame of A-C lunch.

The staff is working on a set of guidelines that all clubs, teachers and students will have to follow. That way everyone, will be using the same thing for moving AAPs.

“As of now, AAP is going to continue on the same way we have been doing it. It will follow the procedure of the teacher in charge of the club sending down a blank sheet of paper to the office, where from, there students will stop down and sign up for the club on the blank sheet. At the end of C-Lunch, the roster with the student signatures will be sent up to the teacher so they know who to expect at the club meeting. The names are also sent to all the faculty by the club advisor so all teachers know where the students are. At the beginning of AAP, attendance is taken and those who did not show are called down by Mrs. Natalie August. This process will make keeping track of students much easier, and now safety can be held above all else,” Deal said.

This strategy seems to include a lot of steps to begin with, but if it is used multiple times, it will become second nature.

”It brings more kids into the office, but it is more efficient and organized system. It’s so new that the students and teachers are getting used to the process of requesting a day to schedule a meeting,” August said.

With the new guidelines set for students, the organization should be easier to handle and AAP will no longer be a problem within the school.