Apple the great, pumpkin the good

Decorations, flavors bring lots to fall season


Marissa Lammie

Freedom Alumni Kylie Petcovic’s living room decorated to the core full of all her fall favorites and decorations.

When most people think about fall, they think of the leaves changing, the air getting colder and longer nights. Some people decorate for autumn, while some decorate for Halloween. Some think of the Halloween holiday to be associated with orange colors, but others associate it with purple. But the biggest debate that takes the fall season by storm is apple against pumpkin. This applies to all aspects of fall, not just the scents a person associates with fall, but the decorations, the pies and more. 

During this time of the year, many people go to either Bath And Body Works or Yankee Candle to get fall candles. Some may even go to their favorite discount stores to find their favorite scents. What’s funny is how many different scents and variations there are of just pumpkin and apple. There is apple cinnamon and pumpkin cupcake, for example. Some people prefer different scents during this time, especially the scents they correlate to smelling the most like fall. 

Even though some people may prefer different scents during the fall season, such as apple, some may even prefer pumpkin or even caramel. some may decorate in the opposite way. During autumn, people may choose to place pumpkins all over their house as decorations. But many people also place real, carved pumpkins, on their front porch to symbolize the fall season. On the other hand, not many people seem to place apples throughout their home or on their porch to support the fall season. 

When people think about Halloween, they usually think about the decorations they see. Not just decorations, but even the color that they most associate with Halloween. Some may go for the Halloween side and pick lights that are a purple hue, while others may pick an orange hue. The orange hue is more associated with the overall season of fall, while the purple color is often associated with the most popular holiday this time of year, Halloween. However, some people may do both and have their outside porch lights purple, while their inside lights may be orange. This, too, can have an effect on how people look at the fall season. 

One of the biggest events that takes place during the fall is when  people go to pumpkin patches and apple orchards. Some may do both, however, pumpkin patches are more popular and are most associated with the fall season. While at the pumpkin patch, many will go through corn mazes. They can also pick pumpkins from the patch, take them home to carve them and place them on their porches. Many may visit an apple orchard and pick apples. They can even take these apples home and make caramel apples. Then, they can decorate the apples with candy or other toppings.

This is not the only apple versus pumpkin event to take place, though. One of the biggest things to take place is not about scents or even decorations, it is about which flavor people associate with fall. Some prefer pumpkin pie, while others choose to have apple pie. At a local ice cream shop, Bruster’s, they offer special ice cream flavors throughout the fall season. They have flavors such as pumpkin, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie ripple, caramel apple and caramel apple crunch. They also offer apple dumplings during the season. Both items and flavors are extremely popular. 

No matter what a person may prefer in flavor, scent, decoration or light, they will always have representation, no matter where they are or what they might be interested in. This debate will continue to surface throughout fall seasons to come, but apple and pumpkin will continue to represent fall in all types of ways.