Apple’s new screen limiting technology

Hailey Zeidler, Staff Writer

Many people are constantly getting distracted while driving, working or in school. These distractions are mostly caused by phones. Although we are constantly getting notifications that may make noise to alert us, we have applications and settings that allow us to turn those off completely.

When students work on homework, they constantly are getting sidetracked by their phones. Currently, iPhones are very popular among teens and adults. It has settings that allow users to take a break from their phones and focus on what they are supposed to be doing.

People can always download apps or use what comes with their phone. One of the most common settings on an iPhone is Do Not Disturb. There are many different versions including Do Not Disturb while driving including a scheduled option. When driving, there is the option to allow your phone to detect that you are, in fact, driving and automatically sets the phone on Do Not Disturb. Also, before you start driving, you can manually set it.

Most people get those late night notifications that they won’t let escape their tired mind. Now with Do Not Disturb During Bedtime, users can specifically set their bedtime to silence notifications. Then in the morning it will wake them up with a peaceful alarm. This option will also help users with getting an appropriate amount of sleep, which is very important to someone’s health.

The new update from Apple, iOS 12, introduced a new feature known as Downtime. Downtime allows users to schedule time away from their phone. Users can choose which apps they can access during the scheduled time and the ones they cannot access.

“When I use the limited screen time, I turn off all social media from three to five in the late afternoon. It helps me stay focused on homework and not get distracted,” freshman Jessica Majors said.

Another setting similar to Downtime is App Limits. App Limits allow you to set specific time limits on specific apps and categories of your choosing. If someone is trying to focus on getting their work done, they might choose to set a time limit on social media and games that they have on their phone. Although there is an option to ignore the alert, it is there to remind you to stay focused and that you shouldn’t be on it.

These customized settings options can be especially good for parents to set on their child’s device. Although it seems like children could just tap the ignore option, if they participate in the family sharing their parents can control it and protect it using a passcode.

Now that Apple and many others have introduced these settings for phones and tablets, users can participate in a more technology-free environment.