Baseball team looks to improve in 2023


Coming back from a rough end to last year’s season, the baseball team began mandatory practices in early March. Non-mandatory practices began in early Jan. for those who could attend. The mandatory practices began a few weeks prior to their first scrimmage, originally scheduled for March 14, but rescheduled, due to weather conditions, for March 16. 

The scrimmage against Rochester ended in a Freedom victory, with a final score of 9-0. Junior Chase Grable and senior Caleb Cox got a double, giving the team a boost through the scrimmage. Having a victory tied under their belts, the team got pumped for their upcoming games.

“After our first scrimmage against Rochester, I am excited for our games this season,” freshman Colton Blank said. Blank was one of the four freshmen who made it on the varsity team, the three others being Boden Hilliard, Zachary Kuntz and Garrett Drutarsky.

“When I first discovered I made varsity, I was really surprised, but I was also really excited. I think I worked hard for the spot that I got, and I was able to show the coach how much effort I put into the game,” Blank said. 

Since last year, the team lost three key seniors, Tristen Clear, Carter Slowinski and Josh Yeck. Fortunately, many underclassmen stepped up to fill in their shoes. Ten seniors, Luke Snavely, Isaac Barry, Cox, Luke Gazdik, Jacob Milbert, Ian Evans, Evan Blinn, Daniel Lewis and Gaevin Sanders, helped the team prepare for this season. 

“Because I am on second base this year, I have been doing a lot of in-fielding, which is essentially defensive work,” Blank said. 

The team’s next game is scheduled for March 20 and 21, against Carlington. Afterwards, they have a game against Rochester on March 23. 

With four freshmen joining varsity and with a set of 10 senior leaders, the Bulldogs had a different approach to this season than years past. Last year, the varsity team consisted of a freshman, several sophomores and juniors and three seniors. Due to the difference in the experience of players compared to last year, the team is looking forward to their upcoming games. 

“I hope the impact I make on the team is to let everyone know that even when you’re done, stay positive and push through,” Blinn said