Basketball team gets through hardships


Winning and losing is something that many people need to become accustomed to. Although the Boys Basketball team has faced hardships, their team has small accomplishments within each game. Ensuring they all keep a positive attitude during the game is so crucial. 

“I just do not think about it at that moment, it all comes to me after the game, win or lose. I focus on my team and myself during the game, and think of what we need to improve on,” senior Silas McCullough said. 

On Dec. 20, McCullough scored the majority of the points within the game, with a total of 11 out of 32. 

Even though the team may not win every single game they play, these small accomplishments keep the team in an upbeat mood, being able to tell people that they scored the majority of the points or have an amazing defense that game is so crucial to keeping a positive attitude. 

Another difficulty on the team is injuries. Senior Nicholas Paganini and multiple others on the team know all too well about this topic. 

With Paganini’s leg injury and Hartley’s hand injury, it has affected their playing time and their expectations for the 2022-2023 basketball season. 

“It was really rough to have to miss almost the first half of my senior season, especially because I had to miss all of my sophomore season due to an injury as well. I still went to all of the practices and games to support my teammates, but I would’ve much rather preferred helping them on the court,” Paganini said. 

In spite of the fact that the boys have faced their complications, many students constantly come and show their support. Just like the Friday night lights during the football season, the student sections have fun themes. A few include “Country,” “Pajamas,” “Construction” and “White out.” A few of the boy’s main supporters include seniors Adam Wright, Grace Lane and Brandi Bonzo. As well as multiple juniors, sophomores and freshmen. 

Supporting the team is crucial, hearing the cheers and the viewers get excited during the game allows the boys to keep a positive attitude, winning or losing. 

“It is important to support our team and come watch them because of the memories you can get. You should always support your hometown team and watch them play. Especially because it is always a good time when the boy’s team gets a win and watching them get the win is exciting,” Wright said. 

In spite of their record, the boys’ truly love the sport and they enjoy playing as a team. 

“My favorite part of the game is just being with the team and watching us all work together and try to get better,” senior Austin Coll said.