Big Knob Fair canceled due to COVID-19


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Freshman Josie Brenckle shows off the ribbon she won for reserve grand champion.

The Big Knob Fair is a very popular fair that many students from Freedom Area High School participate in, or go to for fun. For the first time in 77 years, the Big Knob Fair, which was to be held Sept. 1 through Sept. 5, had been canceled. The Big Knob Fair committee announced that they will be canceling due to the community health and safety concerns as well as financial risks. 

Citizens from Beaver County were looking forward to the Big Knob Fair, but COVID-19 spread a little faster than anyone thought it would have. This fair is held for about three to four days at the beginning of September. The Big Knob Fair holds plenty of games, carnival rides, exhibits and what most like to see, derbys. The fair also has outdoor live entertainment, bingo and even a parade, which our school’s marching band happens to take part in. 

Since the Big Knob Fair is a popular event to students in our school district, many students were upset when finding out it was canceled. 

“It was always a lot of fun and a good way to start the school year,” junior Jay Hessler said when asking students how they felt about the fair being canceled “I feel sad about it, I always looked forward to it. After school I’d get ready and go to the fair and hang with friends. This year I couldn’t and it was just upsetting we couldn’t even march in it,”sophomore Mikalah Smith said. In general, students were upset.

Although the fair was canceled, the livestock events were still held. There were no spectators there just parents, those buying animals, and the judges. Many students from Freedom Area High School participate in the livestock club.  

When asking freshman Josephine Brenckle how she felt about the change she said “ It was different because we didn’t have as many spectators and we had to have a limited amount of people. I wasn’t really upset about it. We had spectators for the auction, but no one was there for the showing. I felt less stressed because I wasn’t being watched by a ton of people, but I felt that we didn’t get as much of an advantage when selling our animals, because we had less people coming to buy them.”

Brenckle showed two pigs and one turkey. Her turkey was 27 pounds and got reserve grand champion. One of her pigs got fourth place class, and she also placed third for showmanship. 

Next year the fair will be held even if it means wearing masks, sanitizing, limited capacities, tickets and seating. As of right now, the 2021 fair is to be held Aug. 31 through Sept. 4. The students hope the spread of COVID-19 slows down by then.