Bocce team makes playoffs


Sports are a way to showcase talents, meet new people, work with others and make memories all while doing what you enjoy. The bocce team introduced multiple new members and a new coach this season. The team went in with a blank slate and an open mind. Ms. Kennedy Carnahan, with assistant coach Mr. Steven Mott, coached the team and helped  them get to where they are now. With the team practicing and playing games since November, the members of the bocce team were able to get to know not only the game but also one another and make new friends. Every Monday and Tuesday, the team practiced together to learn and perfect their skills. 

The team’s last game for the season took place on Feb. 7 against South Side. This game ended with a win for South Side. However, the fun didn’t have to end just yet. With a great season under their belt, Freedom was able to make it to the playoffs. 

“It feels pretty good making it to the playoffs. I’m pretty proud of our team,” junior Wyatt Boyer said.

Boyer, along with juniors Steffan Paganie and Brenna McIlvain, was a part of the team last year when they made it to the playoffs for the first time. This remarkable feat was not easily accomplished. The team has had to learn to work together, trust each other and strategize. 

“I think it would be awesome for all the kids to experience going to the playoffs and keep going and bring that back to Freedom,” Carnahan said. 

Bocce is more than a sport for the players. It is not so much about winning and losing but it is a way to be a part of a team. Many of the players have become good friends on and off the court. The players have made meaningful impacts on each other as well because of bocce.

“My favorite part about bocce is spending time with the Special Ed. students. Seeing how much they enjoy the sport is really the best part,” McIlvain said. 

The team allows students who normally wouldn’t have interacted with each other or may not have even met each other to come together and work towards a common goal. This inclusivity makes every player on the team feel special and important. 

“Bocce is an important sport because it gets all students involved in all aspects,” Carnahan said. 

A way the team is including students and getting them involved is in their upcoming March Madness tournament. This tournament will take place on March 31. With this tournament, students will be able to play basketball together with the bocce team and have an overall great experience.