Activities to do during quarantine


Baylee Stewart

“Netflix Party” is just one of the many activities you can do to stay connected with your friends during quarantine.

Baylee Stewart, Co-Editor-in-Chief (Print)/Photo/Design Editor

Being a middle or high school student, being out of school is great. However, school being canceled for the rest of the school year can cause a student to get bored or miss their friends. Starting the day off with laying in bed on the phone, getting the occasional snack and going back to bed can get dull.

Keeping busy or staying connected with family and friends can be difficult during this time. Going over to your family or friends’ houses might be impossible now. However, a few creative ideas can change this.

The first thing you can do to keep busy is clean. This might sound dreadful, but once the cleaning is over you feel better. Cleaning keeps you busy and items from the past might show up. Those Silly Bandz that you thought you threw away years ago? They somehow ended up in the back of your closet. It can be interesting to see what is found in your bedroom.

Another thing you can do is get caught up with the latest TV or Netflix series you’re on. School work might have restricted you from doing this, but now with only a four hour school day, you have more time. Everyone has movies they’ve always wanted to watch, whether it be just one movie or a series. Now is your time to watch those movies.

Miss your friends? Have a video chat with them. It might not be the same as being together in person, but you still get to talk to them. Video chat not enough? Watch a movie together. The Google Chrome extension “Netflix Party” allows you to watch a movie at the same time. The feature also includes a chat room where you can chat during the movie.

This time off of school allows for a lot of time spent with your family. Have a board game night with them. It allows everyone to have fun and show a little competition. Make a tournament out of it to see who can win the most games.

Now that spring has come around the corner, the weather is beginning to become warmer. Spend some time outside. Whether you’re just reading a book or getting some exercise, it’s good for your health to go out in the sun and get some fresh air.

Have some close-by neighbors? Grab a few sheets of paper and write a message on them. Then hang them in your window where they can see it and see if you get a response. You can carry on a conversation without being near them.

If you have pets at home, spend some quality time with them. They’re so used to their family going to work or school. Now that you’re home, they’re most likely super excited.

Make some crafts with items throughout your house. One activity you can do is paint some rocks to bring color to your yard. Another activity you can do is paint or draw.

Staying at home doesn’t cut you off from having fun or staying connected with family and friends. A little creativity can make a boring day, a great day.