Breakfast doesn’t get enough love


A simple, yet delicious breakfast made in minutes from the comfort of ones home, using three healthy and very affordable ingredients.

Busy students rushing to get to school in the morning often put breakfast on the sidelines. This breakfast neglect is understandable. While the age-old saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” has descended into myth, breakfast is an underrated meal of the day.

The mass appeal of breakfast is so pervasive it has even clawed its way into other meals. In fact, the idea is so popular that the word “brunch” was created for this specific purpose. People also may, on occasion, eat breakfast for other meals. 

More specifically, the definition of breakfast is very loose. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “breakfast” as “the first meal of the day especially when taken in the morning.” There is only one requirement: the first meal of the day. There is only one suggestion: eat it in the morning. The rest is up to the people of the world. The liberating freedom of possibility powers through.

Many say that breakfast is neglected because of time constraints. Despite this, the fact remains that breakfast can be the fastest meal to make. Granted, throwing a sandwich together for lunch does give breakfast a run for its money. However, many superior dining experiences fall into breakfast’s domain. For example, taking a big bite of a sticky, gooey, oversized cinnamon roll and feeling the warm sugar fill your mouth is a feeling quite unique to the breakfast world.

Making breakfast is pathetically simple. Many breakfast staples can be made in minutes or even seconds. Some may argue that the standard of quality of breakfast food is very low. On the contrary, this only contributes to the genius of breakfast.

Other breakfast critics cite the bland and repetitive pitfalls that some breakfast-goers may fall into. Dull, plainly labeled boxes of cereal in TV shows and movies come to mind. The limits are ultimately set by the breakfaster.

Upon finding oneself awake in the early hours of the afternoon, one does not warm up a bowl of soup or prepare a hearty sandwich. Upon waking up, breakfast is the go-to meal of the day.

Through this inherent necessity for a speedy meal, breakfast foods have evolved to become the pinnacle of speed and ease. One could spend time preparing a nice caesar salad or seasoning a fine steak, but a steaming stack of flapjacks could be cooked in half the time. 

On the other hand, breakfast has the power to be intricate as well. A slice of toast could be cooked in a few minutes. Meanwhile, a luxurious serving of french toast can be meticulously hand-crafted from a slew of ingredients.

At the end of the day, breakfast is the meal that lies in wait. At the beginning of the day, breakfast is the meal that will lend its warm hand. Above it all, breakfast marks the calm before the storm, a relaxing sunrise before a busy day. Whether you are a devotee or a heckler, the cultural impact of breakfast cannot be ignored. Breakfast is home to life’s simple pleasures.