Bumping their way to improvement

Both of the girls’ volleyball teams improve greatly over the course of this season

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Bumping their way to improvement

Claudia Huggins, Asst. News Editor

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As the end of the girls’ volleyball season nears, assistant coach Mr. Brad Baldwin had a lot to say about the girls’ improvement in not only skill, but all-around communication with each other. This year, he explained, they have worked as a team and have immensely improved on their overall skill and teamwork.
Throughout the season, the girls have strengthened their knowledge of the game greatly. For example, the freshmen have learned what it’s like to be on a high school team. From the perspectives of the team and their coach, they have been doing quite well.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of injuries, but the younger girls were able to step up and hold down the fort,” Baldwin said, explaining how the younger girls have really been able to step up their game and “bump” their way to the top this year.

Missing the seniors that will graduate this year is one thing; however, it’s another to be able to hold their place. Baldwin seemed confident that they would be able to carry on the good work into next season.

The underclassmen may be a quite impressive group of girls, but none of that takes away from the upperclassmen and their hard work. This not only applies to the seniors, but the sophomores and juniors as well. Sophomore Jordyn Wright, a junior varsity captain, spoke very highly of the team this season.

“We’ve really improved on setting and attacking, which is spiking.” Wright explained. She also brought up the freshman and how well they have been doing.

“The younger girls have improved a lot this year, too, with their ability to comprehend the game and knowing where they’re supposed to be,” Wright said. This year, Wright explained she is more prepared for the season.

“Last year, I liked it a lot. But this year I know more of what I’m doing,” Wright said, explaining that she feels more comfortable this year and feels she has improved a lot along with everyone else.

“I like this year better because we are more of a team and have been working together. The new faces and new abilities have helped us a lot,” Wright described her team as “hardworking.” She also agreed with Baldwin when he said their communication skills have improved tremendously.

Wright also confessed that the many injuries this year have had a negative impact on their team as a whole. Currently, they only have six players, which is just enough to play. Wright explained that the team had to adjust to their teammates being gone in a few ways.

“Some of us had to change our position. We lost a setter, so I had to step in as a full time setter.” Wright said. She also explained that freshman Bailey Stuart had to play in the front row, even though she normally doesn’t, and three varsity players had to step down and help.

“Even though we’ve been practicing like crazy, no subs just makes it that much harder to compete against team with a full bench,” she discussed.

“Their record definitely didn’t reflect their talents or efforts,” Baldwin said, very proud of the hard work and determination the team has showed this season.