Call me when the commercials come back on

Call me when the commercials come back on

The Super Bowl is always an action-packed game, but you can never leave your seat because the commercials are just as important. Ad companies include Doritos, Bud Light and many others.

Commercials that air during the Super Bowl often advertise products including new models of cars, movies, such as the soon-to-be-released Jungle Book movie, foods, like the original nacho cheese Doritos, and websites like

Commercials that run during the Super Bowl, on the Super Bowl network, can cost anywhere from four million to five million dollars for a 30 second time slot, so as the Super Bowl continues, the advertising profit increases by millions. Commercial breaks last an average of two minutes, which means that the TV network gets about $16 million to $20 million every time a commercial break occurs.

When it comes to the commercial’s content, they are usually hit or miss, the ads usually hit the laughter spot or the soft side for most viewers. Who can forget the hilarious Brady Bunch Snickers ad or the heartwarming story about the lost Budweiser puppy when it came to the 49th Super Bowl in the year 2015?

As stated before, there was a Snickers commercial last year and there was another similar commercial this year. For Snickers, the slogan “You’re not you when you’re hungry” has been used for about two years now, which is currently a Snickers trademark, and each commercial you see includes a different set of people. This year, “hungry” actor Willem Dafoe is seen reenacting Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress over the subway grate scene. When given a Snicker bar he turns back into the elegant Marilyn Monroe.

Doritos often has unforgettable Super Bowl commercials as well. Last year, in the pursuit of a bag of Doritos, a little boy made pigs fly, however, this year they took a different path. The commercial opens up with a couple at a pregnancy ultrasound. The husband is by his wife’s side eating Doritos. The husband then realizes as he moves the Dorito around, the baby would go that direction. The wife then throws the Dorito across the room, therefore inducing birth.

There are also commercials that hit the soft side of the viewers. For instance, a Colgate commercial also aired during the Super Bowl. The man in the commercial brushes his teeth with the faucet on. As the faucet runs, many hands come and take water, including a dirty, thirsty girl. This commercial reminds people to turn off their faucets while brushing their teeth because the water that goes down the drain as you brush is about the amount of water that struggling countries get in a week.

If you missed any of the phenomenal Super Bowl ads this year, most of them are available to watch on Youtube. Be sure not to leave your seat next year, you don’t want to miss the commercials!