Can TikTok celebrities be considered celebrities?


Megan Evans/FHS Press

TikTok is estimated to have exceeded over 1.1 billion users worldwide.

Brigette Richard, Business Manager

Ever since 2018, when the social media app TikTok had become popular, numerous creators among the platform had risen to fame simply by just dancing or lip syncing to a popular sound on the app. Teenagers like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae Easterling, Loren Gray and an innumerable number of more people had come to find that TikTok was their way of fame. With that being said, can TikTok “celebrities” even really be deemed celebrities?

“I think that TikTok celebrities are excited because it is like a new way to become famous. A lot of people feel that it is dumb, but if you use your platform for a good reason, then I think it’s great!” senior Emily Frashure said.

Through TikTok, there are different types of people using their platforms. If they use their social media platform for a good reason or cause, then gaining fame from that, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Using their platform for hate on the other hand, gaining fame from that wouldn’t be a great thing.

Coming to fame through a social media app made for kids, can’t really get people to celebrity status. Being in front of the camera making dances to random songs they find scrolling amongst their for you page, or their friends’ feed, doesn’t make them an A-lists celebrity, like Beyoncé for example. There are exceptions however, such as, other stars on there that were celebrities before.. Stars like JoJo Siwa or James Charles had joined the app, despite already being well known. 

There’s a difference between the whole world knowing your name, and just a select amount of people through a social media app knowing your name. That difference can determine whether you are considered a celebrity or not. Through TikTok, so many people have risen to fame and are now considered celebrities by young people all across the globe. 

“They’re people just like us. In a way, yes and no, I think they should be considered famous because they’re talented for what they are able to do. I do find it oddly weird seeing people my age become famous now on the red carpet though,” 2020 alumni Alyson Horner said.

People have their own opinions with TikTok. A good portion of the time it depends on your age range. If you ask a 9-13-year-old, “Is Dixie D’Amelio a celebrity?” Chances are, they’re going to respond with yes. If you ask a 30-35-year-old the same question, chances are likely that they are going to respond by asking who Dixie D’Amelio is. It can depend on one’s culture, too. In some parts of the world, people don’t sit in their houses all day playing on phones, scrolling through Snapchat and TikTok all day like most Americans. So, asking them if a TikTok star is a celebrity, also would not make a good case for that influencer.

Having that difference can be good, deeming who is walking the red carpet, and who is showing up at the Kid’s Choice Awards for favorite influencer. Celebrities are extremely well known, while TikTok influencers are mostly just known for their pictures and or videos on TikTok.